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Seeking work; webmaster services, social media marketing, management, identity c
It's more of a goal really and that's to win my kids back, by getting off welfare and becoming financially independent t
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It's been about a year now that I've been researching Common Law seeking answers as to with which power and what cause I was denied custody of my children as it's explicitly stated in the Constitution, "there must be a good cause for denying me this right? What's the "cause" the Family Court has is what I wish to know.
Full story here http://www.RebelMouse.com/FathersRights/

And secondly I have this entity Civic Compliance harassing me for payment of infringements, driving an unregistered vehicle, speeding, not paying toll fees, well I have a good excuse, firstly I can't afford it on Social Welfare of $450 every 2 weeks, so I am discriminated against because of my financial hardship.

So our Justice System is going to attempt to make me a criminal soon, for failing to let the government know I still own this piece of crap metal and here's $800 for the privilege! I might not be legal but my acts were not unlawful, in fact the government knows Im capable of driving a car, motorcycle, truck, I am competant, but I am broke, therefore I have lost my kids and about to have it out with the courts soon, my progress I will post on this site http://LawAbidingCitizen.com-2020.info/

I have lost my son 2 months ago most likely I say because I don't want to risk driving with my son in the car getting pulled over for driving unregistered. Plus it was the ex wife's plan when he turned 12yo to cut him from me as she did with my daughter and I've not seen her in 13 years.
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Will come back later to fill this out.