The Great Apollo Moon Hoax Debate
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The Van Allen Radiation Belts
Are the Van Allen radiation belts necessarily lethal to space travellers without massive shielding? Is there a way to get out of earth orbit without being exposed to lethal radiation levels? What was the probable radiation exposure of the Apollo astronauts in the trans lunar injection orbit? Why is this subject never discussed by NASA or the Apollo crews?
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Unanswered Questions
  • Did 19 Americans really walk on the Moon?
  • Are the Apollo mission photos fake?
  • Are the Van Allen radiation belts deadly to space travellers?
  • Why are there no stars in the Apollo photos?
  • Why have no manned missions since 1972 gone beyond low earth orbit?
  • What has no country attempted to send astronauts to the Moon since 1972?
  • Why are there no photos from the Hubble, LRO or Earth based telescopes which clearly show the evidence of previous manned missions to the Moon?
  • How could the LEM have performed so well, without any previous successfull test runs?
  • Was NASA really so lucky, not to lose a single man in the Apollo program, or did they fake the whole thing?
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