prepare to fight for your survival
Posted: 18 July 2013 05:37 AM
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The time has come to group together as like minded people and start group meetings with local friends and take action in securing a safe place for our families.Source out land (buy lease rent)where you can get started…eg I’m looking at leasing land and setting up insulated containers and storing resources for a rainy day,but meantime it’ll be fun camping and kids can learn a few skills.Internet is to easy a place to procrastinate and argue with people who are most likely paid to slow things down know truthes so why lower yourself to their level.Go to sites like the following   You know everything said on line is monitored so meet locally with real people and take action..At the end of the day if nothing changes what have you lost? You have gained peace of mind,and if shtf what are you going to say to your kids when they look to you to find you have known all along and done nothing!Anyway there is plenty of advise on u tube..up to yourselves to act..good luck..  interested in comments…don’t waste your time responding to non believers..everyone knows in there gut the real truth..adonia