The Global Warming Debate
Posted: 17 September 2013 08:54 AM
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013.
Letters column, leading letter with 1-inch headline “Carbon tax based on a great hoax.”  The Telegraph com au.
Reports on the final draft of the Fifth Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to be released this month indicate that the greatest and costliest ever perpetrated on the world is beginning to be seen for what it is.

If the Australian Labor Party has any self-respect left, it should encourage the new Abbott government to pass its legislation to trash the carbon tax ASAP.

Nature has effectively forced the IPCC to come clean and the imminent doom forecast by the IPCC, the Greens and the former Labor government was of their own mythical making.

The IPCC cannot explain how the measured statistical surface temperature of Earth has remained flat for 17 years, while the levels of carbon dioxide over that period have increased from about 280ppm to over 400ppm. The IPCC’s fifth report has been described in the UK media as a staggering concoction of confusion, speculation, and sheer ignorance - this was the platform on which the former government passed its clean energy legislation and the carbon tax began. Whither common sense?
Neville Hughes, Surf Beach

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Aside: what is interesting is that this very confident letter-writer appears to be (from a quick internet search) a NIMBY environmentalist, not exactly cheering for “business-as-usual” and the associated blight of real estate development in pristine environments.  This suggests that anti-carbon tax thinking cannot necessarily be lumped with anti-environmental thinking.  The same can be said about the coal seam gas (CSG) issue in Australia. Many pro-fossil-fuel people,  who like to drive cars,  do in fact oppose CSG on justifiable environmental and property-rights grounds.