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January 17, 2015
In today's show we look at two free speech issues which highlight a paradox in the discourse prevalent in modern democracies. Get the podcast »

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“Schapelle is innocent” - Australian government

February 5, 2014, part 1 of 2.
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February 5, 2014, part 2 of 2.
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07 February 2014 | Permalink | comments: 0
By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ Gerry Georgatos, Schapelle Corby ]

Kerobokan Prison
Floods are a common occurence inside Bali's Kerobokan Prison

Today in the second hour we welcome investigative journalist Gerry Georgatos, who will be discussing the Schapelle Corby case in depth and why he believes she is totally innocent of importing 4.2 Kg of marijuana into Bali in 2004.

Schapelle is due to be released on parole shortly and we have once again seen the media engage in baseless attacks on her character, the most outrageous of which was the suggestion on prime time TV, by a woman claiming to be her former lawyer, that Schapelle would be celebrating her release with a huge marijuana joint. In another bizarre smear a major media site published an article suggesting that Shapelle's supporters have exaggerated the pain and suffering caused by her incarceration. An article published on Yahoo 7 (now scrubbed), suggested that life inside Bali's Kerobokan prison was almost idyllic, with prisoners receiving art, reflexology, sewing, knitting and cooking classes. A reference to the deleted article can be found here. The reality, as documented by former inmate Rachel Dougall, is that life inside Kerobokan prison is very harsh indeed, with rampant drug abuse, the constant risk of violence and extremely poor living conditions.

Gerry Georgatos is an independent journalist who writes for The Stringer, and has previously appeared on the ABC 7:30 report exposing the mistreatment of minors held in detention over people smuggling charges.

In today's discussion Gerry makes the startling claim that officials in both the Australian and Indonesian governments have admitted to him privately that they know Schapelle is innocent.

By the time you read this article Schapelle will hopefully be free on parole, however the quest for truth, justice and restitution will have barely begun.

In our interview today Gerry explains that it is vital the Australian people are properly informed about the substantive issues in this case and the wealth of evidence held by the government that goes against the popular belief that Schapelle is guilty as charged.

As for the mainstream media and their decade long barrage of character defamation against the Corby family, this is a matter for all Australians to consider very deeply and to take action on. The media needs to be reformed and there needs to be justice meted out to those who have manufactured lies to protect corrupt government institutions.

The Schapelle Corby campaign will most certainly not end with her release from prison!

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Tony Abbott shows his true colours

January 29, 2014, part 1 of 2.
Download mp3 » click here
January 29, 2014, part 2 of 2.
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03 February 2014 | Permalink | comments: 0
By Hereward Fenton

In today's show we deconstruct, dissect and dismantle Australian PM Tony Abbott, exposing him for what he truly is: another front man for a crime syndicate which disguises itself in the form of "elected governments" in fake democracies all over the world.

We analyse Abbott's stance on critical issues of spying and surveillance and find that he cravenly backs the lawless practices of the NSA, casually referring to whistlebower Edward Snowden as a "traitor" and issuing veiled threats against any news agencies that don't tow the line of government policy in this area.

We also take a closer look at Abbott's policies on asylum seekers, and find that the government's new hardline approach which involves turning boats back is merely a smoke screen to distract you from the catastrophic deluge of government approved immigration which topped 300,000 last year. 

We further note that the influx of refugees into Australia is mainly from parts of the world which have been deliberately destabilised by our allies as part of their program of global hegemony. The Australian people are therefore to some degree responsible for this crisis and those who support the barbaric policy of turning boats back are the focus of scorn in today's show.

Also in today's show we take a look at some recent attempts by science publishers to stifle debate on climate change.

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Is human space travel feasible, or is Earth a prison?

January 15, 2014, part 1 of 2.
Download mp3 » click here
January 15, 2014, part 2 of 2.
Download mp3 » click here

24 January 2014 | Permalink | comments: 0
By Hereward Fenton

Man on the Moon

Forty years after the spectacular achievements of the Apollo program humans remain marooned on planet Earth. We hear a great deal of talk about manned missions to the Moon and Mars, but in reality there is nothing going on. The talk about Mars One is little more the a PR stunt at this stage, and any sensible person must wonder how the promoters of this project expect to get there by the ridiculously improbable date of 2023 without any testing or proof of feasibility.

In today's show we are joined by Damon Crowe in the first hour to discuss some of the latest research from impeccable sources which indicates that manned space flight faces a very serious hurdle due to the problem of radiation. This hurdle may ultimately be surmountable but at present it seems clear that the radiation hazards are far too severe to allow humans to travel even to the Moon, let alone Mars.

Damon's research begs the question, did we ever send humans to the Moon in the first place? Based on the technical data available, the answer appears to be a resounding "no!". I know this will anger many listeners, and I wish to stress that TNRA has no vested interest in questioning the Apollo moon landing narrative. Personally I would far prefer to believe that the Apollo missions were real than hold the cynical view that these were staged events created for propaganda purposes. I further believe only time will tell about the truth of the Apollo missions. If further evidence comes to light proving that the Apollo missions were real, I will be delighted, and I will immediately update this website with the news.

In the 2nd hour of today's show we are joined by Jarrah White, creator of the Youtube Moonfaker series. Jarrah's one man mission to debunk the Apollo missions has earned him international notoriety and bevy of haters on the internet. Jarrah is currently studying towards a degree in Astro Physics and we wish him well in his endeavours. Today Jarrah gives us an insight into his own journey as a sceptic and the major figures who influenced him.

Today's show is not presented as a definitive statement about Apollo or space travel, and we acknowledge the extremely problematic and controversial nature of the subject matter. Our mission simply is to get to the truth, however long it takes, and we hope that this show helps in some measure toward that end!

Top 10 Crimes Against Truth 2013

December 31, 2013, part 1 of 2.
Download mp3 » click here
December 31, 2013, part 2 of 2.
Download mp3 » click here

03 January 2014 | Permalink | comments: 0
By Hereward Fenton

In today's show, the last for 2013, I bring you my list of the top ten crimes against truth for the year.

What is a "crime against truth"? The wording is borrowed from that of the Nuremburg War Crimes trials, which coined the term "crime against peace", and embodies a similar principle. Crimes against truth are significant not simply because of the immediate damage they cause but because they erode the very foundations of civilisation and thus have deep and long lasting effects which are very difficult to reverse.

My list is a subjective one, and you may not agree with all the entries. I have included 2 popular conspiracy theories in my list because I believe that these represent untruths which have done a great deal of damage to the credibility of those who call themselves "truthers", myself included. It's a popular position among truthers that we should keep an open mind regarding all conspiracy theories and refrain from criticising those alternative theories with which we disagree out of loyalty to the team. I believe this is a deeply misguided and dangerous attitude, which reflects a degree of ignorance about the true nature of the information war in which we are all engaged.

As George Orwell said, "in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act" - but there is a catch to this. If you want to counteract a culture of lies by telling the truth then you must at all costs and with great diligence guard against spreading lies yourself. It is not good enough to simply profess an "open mind" and allow all manner of hoaxes and rumours to be propagated in your name. That will not effect a revolution. That will actually strengthen the status quo because it erodes the very basis of your "truth movement".

I have included in the list a couple items which are mainly significant for Australians. However, these issues are ones I feel very passionately about, so I stand by them while acknowledging my subjective bias.

Here then is the TNRA list of the top ten crimes against truth for 2013, which are discussed in detail in the associated podcast. Each crime is presented here in the form of a statement which is itself a lie.

  1. The US economy Is recovering
  2. The Syrian regime is a brutal dictatorship which the international community must bring to an end
  3. Iran is attempting to build a nuclear weapon and has failed to meet its obligations to the Atomic Energy Agency
  4. The people of Gaza are doing OK.
  5. The debate about Global Warming is over - we must maintain a carbon tax in order to save the planet.
  6. The refugee crisis in Australia is unique and unprecedented and people smugglers are abhorrent criminals.
  7. Schapelle Corby is guilty beyond reasonable doubt of importing cannabis into Bali.
  8. The protest movement in Thailand is anti-democratic and orchestrated by a minority of monied elites.
  9. Normal aircraft  contrails dissipate quickly. Those which persist are toxic, and are the product of a global geo-engineering operation known as "chemtrails".
  10. No children died at Sandy Hook. The victims' family members and witnesses seen on TV were all crisis actors.

It's been a great great honour bringing you this show for over 5 years now - and I'm just getting going. Stay tuned!

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Our Christmas message for 2013

December 23, 2013, part 1 of 1.
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24 December 2013 | Permalink | comments: 0
By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ Christmas ]

War is Over - Happy Christmas from the Truth Movement

In today's show we bring you a round table discussion between your host Hereward Fenton, Damon Crowe and Leah Shanley.

We look at the year in review, and attempt to focus on the main events and trends of importance which emerged during the year.

It has been a pleasure bringing you TNRA and we look forward to doing many more shows in the years to come.

Happy Christmas!

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A chat with Amber Lyon

December 11, 2013, part 1 of 1.
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14 December 2013 | Permalink | comments: 0
By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ Amber Lyon, Media Lies ]

Amber LyonOn today's show we bring you an exclusive interview with Emmy Award winning journalist, filmmaker and former CNN reporter Amber Lyon.

Amber Lyon has reported on subjects as diverse as child trafficking, the 2010 BP oil spill disaster, and the Arab Spring.

Our discussion today focusses on the key issue of integrity in media and journalism. We take a look at the way the major news organisations filter information and influence editorial direction from the top down.

Amber describes her experience as a whistleblower on CNN's dishonest reporting on Bahrain, and the suppression of her own genuine investigative reporting which exposed the brutal repression of a popular movement for reform in that country.

Amber's CNN documentary iRevolution: Online Warriors of the Arab Spring has not been broadcast since its initial showing on US CNN and has has never been shown on CNN International, which has wide coverage in the Middle East.

Amber has also engaged in extensive coverage of protest movements within the US, which she has documented in her recent book Peace, Love, and Pepper Spray.

She is currently working on a new book which investigates the use of psychadelic drugs as medicines.

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Introducing Harry Fear - activist and filmmaker

December 4, 2013, part 1 of 2.
Download mp3 » click here
December 4, 2013, part 2 of 2.
Download mp3 » click here

12 December 2013 | Permalink | comments: 0
By Hereward Fenton

Harry FearMy guest today in the second hour is filmmaker Harry Fear, who has been documenting the struggle of the Palestinian people and providing opportunites for journalists from around the world to visit the occupied territories in Palestine.

Our conversation today covers some of  the history of the Israel/Palestine conflict, recent troubles in Gaza and Egypt's current political situation.

In the first hour we bring to you some coverage of the current unrest in Thailand with a focus on exposing some of the blatant disinformation emanating from the major news networks. The main theme of recent news on Thailand is that the protest movement there is led by a minority faction who have an "anti-democratic" agenda. The truth is indeed quite different, and I urge you to listen to the full show to get a different perspective on this unfolding crisis.

Also in the first hour, we take a look at some recent interviews with the iconic intellectual Noam Chomsky with aim of analysing the peculiar bias and blind spots which he demonstrates on some very important topics.

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Deconstructing the spin from corporate media on Thailand

03 December 2013 | Permalink | comments: 0
By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ Thailand ]

The spin from corporate media on Thailand is that the protest movement there represents a minority of the population and that they are anti-democratic.

The first claim is patently false, the second one is yet to be proven.

Let’s look at the first claim, about this being a minority movement. It’s true that the incumbent government won the previous election, so at one time they did indeed represent a majority. However, things have moved on and the mood of the people has changed. The protesters argue that the elections were won due to electoral bribes from the fantastically wealthy exiled former PM who has already been convicted on various corruption charges.

They further argue that the “redshirts” - so called regime loyalists - are an artificial construct, a “rent-a-crowd” funded by the same source

Add to that the fact that the former PM’s sister is now in charge and taking orders from the exiled brother, and you can understand the sense of outrage that many Thais feel. While the support for the protest movement has grown, the support for the regime has dwindled.

And where are the redshirts?

In all the international media coverage of the protest the redshirts are nowhere to be seen. They have vaporized. Despite this the western media continues to push the ludicrous meme that the protest is a minority movement.

Now let’s consider the “anti-democratic” accusation. It’s true that the protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban has called for a “People’s Council” to replace the government, but that is because the government is seen as fundamentally illegitimate and corrupt. So, in the interests of democracy, they say that this corrupt structure must be taken down. That is their position. As to whether this is anti-democratic, only time will tell, but while there is so much misinformation about the size and mandate of the protest movement it’s impossible to tell whether this is heading in a democratic direction.

As to why it is the western media is propping up the current regime in Thailand, that’s another story. I would argue that the western media (a proxy for a hidden oligarchy) has an aversion to real democracy movements because true democracy is the greatest threat to its power.

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Recent Comments

I heard a few months back that Putin has now passed similar laws as Europe

I wasn’t aware of that thanks.

I am not so sure Fredrick Toben would agree to be a guest, seeing as he has already served two jail sentences

Yeah I know I mentioned him because he is an aussie and he has a lot of personal contacts that he might recommend. And you never know with him he’s a bit of a tough old veteran, he hasn’t stopped his web site has he. But yeah Germar Rudolf would be the ideal person it’s a matter of wether or not he would be interested though. I certainly wouldn’t recommend some one I thought would try and push a national socialist agenda.

By Leif on 2015 01 13 - 15:10:33
From the entry 'Who controls the world, and what can you do about it?'.

Leif, I heard a few months back that Putin has now passed similar laws as Europe.

By Julie on 2015 01 13 - 14:47:47
From the entry 'Who controls the world, and what can you do about it?'.

That’s great I look forward to hearing it. I suggest you be careful about interviewing someone in Europe as they could accidently find themselves in very serious trouble with the law, Germany and France in particular are a big no go zone. England, Russia are ok or the US and anywhere in Asia in general if your interviewing someone over seas.
By the way I found your interview of Brendon O’Connell very fair you treated him well, I meant to comment on that at the time but I was busy and it slipped my mind.
Best of luck in your future endeavour’s smile

By Leif on 2015 01 13 - 14:43:17
From the entry 'Who controls the world, and what can you do about it?'.

Good comments Leif.  One cannot come to a serious conclusion in viewing this movie alone. 

There are numerous revisionists Hereward could have on his radio show, who would educate the listeners.  However, I am not so sure Fredrick Toben would agree to be a guest, seeing as he has already served two jail sentences – one for the holocaust denial and the other for publishing material on his website, vilifying jews.

David Irving, the renowned British historian, is another suggestion, but he too was jailed for holocaust denial.  There are Americans Mike King or Mark Weber.  I think Germar Rudolf would leave plenty of food for thought also.

Hereward, that would be wonderful if you did continue on with this subject.

By Julie Bedford on 2015 01 13 - 14:34:12
From the entry 'Who controls the world, and what can you do about it?'.

OK point taken. I will do another show on this with a more informed guest smile

By Hereward Fenton on 2015 01 13 - 13:55:08
From the entry 'Who controls the world, and what can you do about it?'.

“portraying Hitler as a hero who wanted to save the German people” Yes it does why didn’t you say this sort of stuff on the show? I agree with this line it does, just look at the merchandise this guy has been selling, Nazi shirts and the like. I wish you had put some effort into your show it’s easy to pull this bloke apart. However I would like you to try and get some good quality guests on if you’re going to discuss ww2 revisionism. The people I mentioned are good, Toben is in Aus. Germar Rudolf is a scientist that the German courts sent to do a chemical analysis of gas chambers in Poland. David Cole would be interesting, and while I’m not big on him as such he’s not bad and he will probably be willing to line something up as he has a book out he would like to plug.
I don’t expect you to know everything about every subject but I would like you to put serious effort into it. Most of what was said in this episode was junk, going on about musical scores and swans, seriously? And you didn’t even bother to watch the whole film, mate that’s just poor form. Your other shows have been good, or at least the few that I have listened to have been.
The film does have some good info, however the overall thrust isn’t good we are both in agreement on this at least. Hitler was no good guy but then neither were the allies, good v evil is a false narrative that has been pumped down the throats of people for their entire lives at least this film challenges that somewhat. That is what I think has a lot of people sharing it around, most people are not turning into neo Nazis after watching this as they have a lifetimes worth of the other side of the fences propaganda to break through, some of which is also true. 

By Leif on 2015 01 13 - 13:36:09
From the entry 'Who controls the world, and what can you do about it?'.

Leif, most documentaries worthy of the name include interviews with knowledgable people, rather than just scrolling text to a background montage of unattributed footage.

I can’t believe you’re criticising the quality of our own discussion when the film is so utterly bereft of any journalistic integrity whatsoever.

My show is a radio show which goes out ever week. It’s a discussion format. I don’t have time to exhaustively research every topic to the level you seem to be demanding. I would like to see you try doing that, week after week, for years.

I’ve watched many budget documentaries and I’m always willing to give credit where it’s due, and to appreciate work for it’s content rather than it’s production qualities. But this film is nauseating, infantile propaganda, portraying Hitler as a hero who wanted to save the German people. It’s thesis is offensive and stupid.

By Hereward Fenton on 2015 01 13 - 12:51:59
From the entry 'Who controls the world, and what can you do about it?'.

Fenton, The film didn’t turn me into a Hitler / Nazi supporter so if the intent was to achieve this then it failed dismally despite the mystical properties of the music score. Yes it doesn’t provide sources but then again few documentaries do. The film does however help destroy the whole good v evil version of events, that stuff is pure fiction. It’s ok to like fairy tales just don’t try to pass them off as reality. However you weren’t just talking about a film, you went after ww2 revisionism using the film as a launch platform and your knowledge of that period or lack thereof was on display, “Hitler was a great admirer of Stalin” what’s your source on that? Hitler hated communism that was why the Nazi’s, when they were little more than street thugs where fighting the communists in the streets and pubs. When Hitler came to power he threw them into concentration camps and supported the fascist Franco gov in Spain against the communists that the USSR was supporting. This is basic stuff mate, you don’t know what you’re talking about I suggest you either stop talking about it or you get guests on that do know what they’re talking about. There are plenty of bad things you can say about Hitler which are true but you just rambled on about garbage, if being an admirer of Stalin is a crime then how does Roosevelt stack up in your eyes?
Good luck suckering the gullible? Maybe you should just stick with simple things like chemtrails and ufo’s, what a foolish statement to make who and how have I tried to “Sucker in” and sucker them into what exactly? Having a good and balanced understanding of history perhaps. If I sounded confident it’s due to having done many years of research in this area the film isn’t brilliant I’ll give you that, but considering how many doco’s have been made spouting the same tired line of Nazi’s bad allies good lets not talk about the soviets. It’s refreshing to see an alternative counterpart. 

By Leif on 2015 01 13 - 10:52:21
From the entry 'Who controls the world, and what can you do about it?'.

Good luck suckering the gullible!

ha! and thats coming from an expert! :D - if fenton had ANY evidence flight 77 hit the pentagon, he would simply post it.

if fenton had any evidence to prove there is no such thing as chemtrails, he would post it.

how gullibel does he think people are?

By xxx on 2015 01 13 - 09:12:49
From the entry 'Contrails dissipate quickly whereas chemtrails linger?'.

Leif, you sound very confident, yet the film in question has all the intellectual qualities of being made by a 5 year old.

It provides no journalistic sources, it grotesquely plagiarises an excellent Canadian film “Hitler the Rise of Evil” in order to pitch it’s warped alternate vision of history, and yes it uses hypnotic music in place of reasoned argument and evidence in order to lull the viewer into a trance. I think we gave the film all the credit it deserved.

Honestly, the film is so lacking in even the most basic criteria for a credible documentary that it doesn’t deserve to be discussed at all.

Good luck suckering the gullible!

By Hereward Fenton on 2015 01 13 - 03:20:05
From the entry 'Who controls the world, and what can you do about it?'.