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June 20, 2015
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A prayer for Saba Button

June 21, 2014, part 1 of 1.
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22 June 2014 | Permalink | comments: 0
By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ Saba Button, Vaccination ]

Saba Button

In today's show we focus on the mainstream media's war against vaccine dissidents, which has stepped up in intensity after a landmark settlement in the case of Saba Rose Button who suffered devastating and irreversible brain injuries from the CSL Fluvax vaccine given to her in 2010.

Saba's case may change forever the way such cases are handled, and the corporatist drug cartels are becoming increasingly desperate in their attempt to contain the spread of information about the very real risks associated with common childhood vaccines.

You can learn more about this case at the Saba Rose Button Foundation website.

Also in today's show we take a look at legislation designed to "incentivise" compliance with the immunisation schedule and what your options are if you want to keep your children vaccine free. Contrary to the way this has been portrayed in the media, non-vaccinating parents are still able to retain the family tax benefit simply by filling out a conscientious objection form.

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Meet Brendon O’Connell, Australia’s first political prisoner

June 7, 2014, part 1 of 2.
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June 7, 2014, part 2 of 2.
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13 June 2014 | Permalink | comments: 20
By Hereward Fenton

In the second hour of today's show we speak to Brendon O'Connell, a man who spent three years in prison for violations of recently enacted racial vilification laws in Western Australia.

O'Connell's convictions stem from a video he made during a protest against Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories. In the video he confronts pro-Israel activist Stanley Elliot Keyser over Israel's treatment of the Palestinian people. 

Keyser later made complaints against O'Connell, leading to his arrest and ultimate conviction under 2 sections of W.A racial vilifcation laws:

80B. Conduct likely to racially harass
Any person who engages in any conduct, otherwise than in private, that is likely to harass a racial group, or a person as a member of a racial group, is guilty of a crime and is liable to imprisonment for 3 years.

77. Conduct intended to incite racial animosity or racist harassment
Any person who engages in any conduct, otherwise than in private, by which the person intends to create, promote or increase animosity towards, or harassment 5710 of, a racial group, or a person as a member of a racial group, is guilty of a crime and is liable to imprisonment for 14 years.

O'Connell's video speaks for itself, and we encourage you to watch and decide for yourself whether you think his convictions were deserved.

It seems clear from talking with him that Brendon O'Connell is neither an anti-semite nor a while supremecist. He is rather, a pro-Palestinian activist who condemns what he sees as the racism and cultural genocide being perpetrated against the Palestinian people. Sometimes he gets a little carried away but he never threatens or incites violence. His conviction and prison sentence was based on statements such as calling Keyser a "racist, homicidal maniac". Hence his accusation of racism is itself redefined as racism in action. George Orwell should be turning in his grave about now.

Today's interview focuses of the central question of the state of free speech in our society and the way in which powerful lobby groups are able to subvert the justice system and indeed democracy itself.

This radio program upholds universal principals of religious tolerance and we strongly condemn racial vilification and hate speech of any kind. On the other hand we also uphold the universal right of free speech in a democracy. These two principals need not be in conflict if the spirit of the law is applied correctly.

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Richard Gage on the truth and fiction of 9/11

May 31, 2014, part 1 of 2.
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May 31, 2014, part 2 of 2.
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04 June 2014 | Permalink | comments: 1
By Hereward Fenton

Richard Gage AIA

Today in the second hour we welcome Richard Gage, AIA and founding member of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth) is a non-profit non-partisan organization of architects, engineers and affiliates dedicated to exposing the falsehoods and to revealing facts about the complete destruction of all three World Trade Center high-rises on September 11, 2001. is dedicated to the following aims:

  • Dispelling misinformation and disinformation with scientific facts and forensic evidence
  • Educating and motivating thousands of architects and engineers as well as the public at large
  • Obtaining a truly independent WTC investigation with subpoena power
  • Achieving mainstream media coverage for their cause

In 2009 Mr Gage visited Australia and New Zealand for the 9/11 "Hard Evidence" Conference. While in Sydney Mr. Gage met with Jan Utzon (son of the designer of the Sydney Opera House, Joern Utzon) with whom he conducted an impromptu interview at the Sydney Opera House.

This interview was subsequently covered (in a derogatory manner) by Sean Nicholls in the Sydney Morning Herald.


Richard Gage talks to Jan Utzon at the Sydney Opera House.

The fact that Richard Gage and his organisation continue to be the focus of crude smears from establishment propagandists is proof that the information he disseminates is extremely dangerous to the corrupt and faltering oligarchy which planned and executed the atrocity of 9/11 in a treacherous bid to secure a global hegemony.

In today's interview Mr. Gage debunks the disinformation disseminated by mainstream media as well as that which emanates from fringe groups who are promoting non-evidence based theories such as the Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) theory of the collapse of the towers. In our discussion Mr. Gage calmly explains the weaknesses of these theories without resort to the ad hominems which often pass for logical argument in mainstream discourse.

We stand with Mr. Gage in solidarity, for the sake of all humanity, and demand truth and justice for ALL the victims of 9/11.

In the first hour of today's show we cover a variety of Australian news and we bring you a snippet from an excellent new documentary on the the CSG industry and its effect on farming.

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Understanding Thailand

May 24, 2014, part 1 of 1.
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30 May 2014 | Permalink | comments: 1
By Hereward Fenton

A protester gives red roses to a Thai policeman at the Government house in BangkokReuters
A protester gives red roses to a Thai policeman at the Government house in Bangkok

In today's show we examine the current political crisis in Thailand from a perspective which you will not see in western news media. We propose that the real struggle taking place is between the forces of globalist domination and the natural will of the sovereign people of Thailand.

Thailand is an independent country, which has never been conquered or colonised, and this is a state of affairs about which which the western oligarchies have never been pleased. The Army in Thailand are true defenders of the people - this, again, runs contrary to the template by which these oligarchies have controlled most of the world.  

Also in today's show we take a critical look at recent, media intensive trials of celebrity sex offenders in Australia and the UK. We ask, is this really about justice, or are we being conditioned into accepting prime time TV kangaroo courts as the way in which justice is administered? Has the legal concept of the presumption of innocence now been discarded? If so, what are the implications for our democracy?

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Australian news round up

May 17, 2014, part 1 of 2.
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May 17, 2014, part 2 of 2.
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23 May 2014 | Permalink | comments: 1
By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ Climate Change, Heart Disease ]

In today's show we bring you a wide range of stories from the Australian scene.

In the second hour we bring you some clips from the highly controversial and now banned ABC documentary on cholesterol and statins, titled "Heart of the Matter".

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Another alternative theory of cancer: introducing Dr. Leonard Coldwell

May 10, 2014, part 1 of 1.
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16 May 2014 | Permalink | comments: 2
By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ Cancer Cures, Leonard Coldwell ]

In today's show we bring you an interview with alternative cancer researcher Dr. Leonard Coldwell.

Dr. Coldwell learned about cancer the hard way - many of his family members died from the illness, compounded by the ineffective treatments offered by mainstream medicine.

Dr. Coldwell is the author of The Only Answer to Cancer, which documents a wide spectrum of alternative cancer treatments, with an emphasis on explaining the root causes of cancer, namely mental and emotional stress.

Our conversation today covers Dr. Coldwell's own experiences treating and curing his mother of liver cancer. We also take a look at some of the therapies which Dr. Coldwell advocates, as well as the political dimension of the suppression of alternative information and the agenda of mainstream media.

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Professor Francis Boyle discusses the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission

May 2, 2014, part 1 of 2.
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May 2, 2014, part 2 of 2.
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07 May 2014 | Permalink | comments: 3
By Hereward Fenton

Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalise War

In today's show I am joined in the second hour by Francis Boyle, Professor of International Law at the University of Illinois College of Law.

Among his many accomplishments, Professor Boyle was a prosecutor in the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2011.

The Tribunal is an initiative of the Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalise War (KLFCW), launched by former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in December 2005.

Convened and conducted according to internationally recognized procedures and rules of evidence, the Tribunal aims to adjudicate prosecutions brought by the Kuala Lumpur War Crime Commission which involve:

  • Crimes against peace;
  • Crimes against humanity;
  • Crimes of genocide; and
  • War crimes

From the website:

The KLFCW established the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (The Commission), to investigate cases of war crimes that have been neglected by established institutions such as the International Criminal Court. The Commission seeks to influence world opinion on the illegality of wars and occupation undertaken by major Western powers.

The aim of The Commission is thereby to hold perpetrators of war crimes accountable for their actions especially when relevant international judicial organs fail to do so.

In our discussion today Professor Boyle provides his perspective on the legal proceedings, and expands on this to talk about a number of other topics, including the culpability of the Australian Government led by John Howard in the crime against peace for which George W. Bush was indicted and convicted. He further points out the perilous position Australia is now in as a result of its slavish adherence to US foreign policy.

In the first hour of the show today we bring you some analysis of recent Australian news stories.

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Bitcoin, Big Brother and biometrics

April 25, 2014, part 1 of 2.
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April 25, 2014, part 2 of 2.
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30 April 2014 | Permalink | comments: 0
By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ Big Brother, biometrics, Bitcoin ]

In today's show we explore interlocking questions about crypto-currencies, personal privacy and the freedom to buy and sell anonymously.

Till now, one of the main attractions of crypto-currencies has been the ability to use them completely anonymously, but as Bitcoin threatens to go mainstream with ATMs and debit cards, we are seeing an attempt by the establishment to tie transactions to biometric identification.

In the second hour of today's show I am joined by Josh Jackson for a discussion on these themes.

During the show I provide my own critique of the concept of fighting crime through surveillance and failsafe methods of identification, and I put it to you that the increasing intrusion into our private life represented by these "security measures"  is itself a crime which must be halted.

In the first hour I bring you an excerpt from a recent televison debate between mining magnate and Federal MP Clive Palmer and Ross Garnaut, author of the Garnaut report commissioned by the Rudd goverment, which ushered in Labor's ETS and carbon tax policies.

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AI fost macar acolo ? Lasa tu ce a distrus Ceasca , ca macar el a cotrusnit foarte multe , mai multe cladire istorice au fost distruse in noua democratie dar nimeni nu zice nimic de ele .Acuma si pelesul , castelul bran si o sumedenie de conace si palate de patrimoniu nici macar nu mai tin de stat , ci au fost retrocedate , cu toate ca au fost pastrate cu fonduri publice .

By Dalal on 2015 04 12 - 14:16:38
From the entry 'David Chandler weighs in on 9/11 Pentagon questions'.

Get ready stand down orders given cease all payments warrants prepared massive counter resistance force consequences of evil.

By OZE on 2015 04 11 - 10:38:18
From the entry 'Round table discussion with studio guests Damon Crowe and Chris Tolland'.

Excellent presentation of the news about the truth on this web page the australian community and international supporters should could observe the efforts of enlightened individuals such as your self and others attempts to bring around reform within society reform in such a way that gives comfort and support to the countless victims of oppression and harassment from state and federal policies which tinker on the edge of total criminal activity from a regime that desperately is trying to hold power for a new world order type of system which has already destroyed the lives of so many recently for any hope of the future time is up closer than we think we must assert total responsibilities for our action to preserve the chance of future which is slowly but surely fading fast than ever all the resources are here and there available massive counter force is required prepare yourselves for the ultimate action for recliaming our custodianship even if it means total dissent and noncompliance don not accept the gaols of genocide or the parliaments population reduction programmes sanity is real.

By OZE on 2015 04 11 - 10:12:22
From the entry 'Australian nanny state: the noose tightens'.

good to have you back heraward. great show

By r477u$ r477u$ on 2015 04 04 - 21:36:09
From the entry 'The myth of metadata'.

. . . a most informative analysis . . very well put together synopsis of the moves by the goverment in Australia to access our private communications. . . Well done Hereward Fenton - you are providing a wonderful commentary service for freedom lovers and others out there.

By geoff on 2015 04 03 - 03:36:55
From the entry 'The myth of metadata'.

I wouldn’t trust anything Simon Treselyan has to say. He is a thief and a Con artist who fled Australia owing money that he refuses to pay back. He is trying to build his public profile up in the USA at the moment so i expect his past will always come back to haunt him.

By shaun on 2015 03 31 - 16:37:53
From the entry 'Who controls the world, and what can you do about it?'.

your problem eugene is that you consider this pathetic dog and pony show a “news” service. if you paid good money to listen to the tripe spewed out my the insipid fenton, then let that be a lesson to you.
tnr has no reputation, except a bad one, and for good reason. they are pathetic liars. do yourself a favour and never come back smile

By 5yw4 on 2015 03 27 - 13:32:02
From the entry 'The deeper issues behind the David Hicks case'.

I think my comment was a reasonable one. I have no idea what’s going on, but whatever it is, it is certainly not doing TNR’s reputation much good. 45 minutes of “news” in almost six weeks, with no explanation. This in no way to treat your listening audience (subscribers and others) or to build support and a good reputation.

By Eugene Donnini on 2015 03 26 - 00:00:15
From the entry 'The deeper issues behind the David Hicks case'.

“In today’s show we break down the core issues behind the conviction of David Hicks, and link the whole thing back to the grand deception of 9/11, without which, none of this would have occurred.”

and yet hereward continues to perpetuate the lies of 9/11 by claiming a 757 hit the pentagon with absolutely zero evidence to back it up and a plethora of evidence that shows his claims to be impossible.

spare us your condescending enlightenment and stop lying.

By edykjyje on 2015 03 25 - 11:55:34
From the entry 'The deeper issues behind the David Hicks case'.

The comment by Eugene above is most unhelpful to say the least

By geoff on 2015 03 25 - 00:02:56
From the entry 'The deeper issues behind the David Hicks case'.