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April 11, 2015
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Professor Francis Boyle discusses the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission

May 2, 2014, part 1 of 2.
Download mp3 » click here
May 2, 2014, part 2 of 2.
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07 May 2014 | Permalink | comments: 3
By Hereward Fenton

Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalise War

In today's show I am joined in the second hour by Francis Boyle, Professor of International Law at the University of Illinois College of Law.

Among his many accomplishments, Professor Boyle was a prosecutor in the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2011.

The Tribunal is an initiative of the Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalise War (KLFCW), launched by former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in December 2005.

Convened and conducted according to internationally recognized procedures and rules of evidence, the Tribunal aims to adjudicate prosecutions brought by the Kuala Lumpur War Crime Commission which involve:

  • Crimes against peace;
  • Crimes against humanity;
  • Crimes of genocide; and
  • War crimes

From the website:

The KLFCW established the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (The Commission), to investigate cases of war crimes that have been neglected by established institutions such as the International Criminal Court. The Commission seeks to influence world opinion on the illegality of wars and occupation undertaken by major Western powers.

The aim of The Commission is thereby to hold perpetrators of war crimes accountable for their actions especially when relevant international judicial organs fail to do so.

In our discussion today Professor Boyle provides his perspective on the legal proceedings, and expands on this to talk about a number of other topics, including the culpability of the Australian Government led by John Howard in the crime against peace for which George W. Bush was indicted and convicted. He further points out the perilous position Australia is now in as a result of its slavish adherence to US foreign policy.

In the first hour of the show today we bring you some analysis of recent Australian news stories.

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Bitcoin, Big Brother and biometrics

April 25, 2014, part 1 of 2.
Download mp3 » click here
April 25, 2014, part 2 of 2.
Download mp3 » click here

30 April 2014 | Permalink | comments: 0
By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ Big Brother, biometrics, Bitcoin ]

In today's show we explore interlocking questions about crypto-currencies, personal privacy and the freedom to buy and sell anonymously.

Till now, one of the main attractions of crypto-currencies has been the ability to use them completely anonymously, but as Bitcoin threatens to go mainstream with ATMs and debit cards, we are seeing an attempt by the establishment to tie transactions to biometric identification.

In the second hour of today's show I am joined by Josh Jackson for a discussion on these themes.

During the show I provide my own critique of the concept of fighting crime through surveillance and failsafe methods of identification, and I put it to you that the increasing intrusion into our private life represented by these "security measures"  is itself a crime which must be halted.

In the first hour I bring you an excerpt from a recent televison debate between mining magnate and Federal MP Clive Palmer and Ross Garnaut, author of the Garnaut report commissioned by the Rudd goverment, which ushered in Labor's ETS and carbon tax policies.

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Exploring the mystery of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370

April 18, 2014, part 1 of 2.
Download mp3 » click here
April 18, 2014, part 2 of 2.
Download mp3 » click here

23 April 2014 | Permalink | comments: 4
By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ Flight MH370, Peak Oil ]

Last known position of Flight MH370
Last known position of Fight MH370

In today's show we engage in unbridled speculation about the mystery of flight MH370 with guests Damon Crowe and Geoff McKee.

In the first hour, Damon takes us through his research into the topic, highlighting the extensive militarisation of the Indian Ocean and the highly developed surveillance grid which covers that part of the world, which is strongly at odds with the mainstream narrative that the plane could not be tracked.

As with many unexplained and misreported events in history, the thrust of our investigation is to highlight the obvious inconsistencies and outright lies in the official narrative.

The basic facts as they stand clearly suggest that the plane was stolen, yet this obvious conclusion is never drawn in any mainstream reports. Instead we are given obscure and vague suggestions that one of the pilots was unstable and may have ditched the plane in a grandiose suicide. Indeed, mainstream media studiously avoids taking any kind of investigative angle on this tragedy and simply parrots the empty talking points of government and corporate press releases.

Also in today's show we review the work of the late Michael Ruppert, and we take a look at Peak Oil theory. Amid speculation that Ruppert took his own life, we examine what has been called the "death cult" of Peak Oil. My guest for the second hour is Geoff McKee, whose son tragically committed suicide after reading Michael Ruppert's book Crossing the Rubicon, which combined Peak Oil theory with questions about 9/11.

In our discussion we consider whether Peak Oil theory may produce suicidal ideation in those who accept it, since it leads inescapably to the conclusion that human beings are a scourge on the planet.

Geoff is an engineer with a long career in the petroleum industry and he explains how Peak Oil theory has diminished in popularity with the rapid development of the shale oil and gas industry in recent years.

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An in-depth chat with Governor Jesse Ventura

April 1, 2014, part 1 of 1.
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15 April 2014 | Permalink | comments: 3
By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ Jesse Ventura ]

Jesse Ventura

In today's show we are joined by former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, for the full hour.

Governor Ventura has had a varied career, from elite Navy Seal, to champion pro wrestler, a stint in politics, and now as a courageous info-warrior on the front lines of the global battle for freedom, democracy and civilisation.

Our conversation today covers some of the highlights of Governor Ventura's career, with an emphasis on his lifelong commitment to matters of truth and justice.

We also talk about his new TV show, Off the Grid, which airs Tuesday-Friday at 3pm EST on Ora TV.

Some other topics examined in the show include Governor Ventura's lawsuit against the TSA and the assassination of Osama bin Laden.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on Venezuela, Ukraine and the collapse of laissez-faire capitalism

March 28, 2014, part 1 of 2.
Download mp3 » click here
March 28, 2014, part 2 of 2.
Download mp3 » click here

07 April 2014 | Permalink | comments: 2
By Hereward Fenton

Dr. Paul Craig RobertsMy guest in the first hour of today's show is economist Paul Craig Roberts.

Dr. Roberts served as an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration and was noted as a co-founder of Reaganomics. He has had careers in scholarship and academia, journalism, public service, and business. He is chairman of The Institute for Political Economy. Our discussion today ranges from the political situation in South America, to the impending collapse of the US dollar and the machinations towards world war behind the current harsh US rhetoric against Russia.
Dr. Roberts expresses the view that the collapse of the US dollar will lead to the collapse of US power generally in the world, however he warns that the fanatical belief in American exceptionalism held by those currently in power is the greatest threat to world peace at this time.
In the second hour of the show today my guest is an extrarodinary oncologist from Italy, Dr. Tullio Simoncini, who has developed a revolutionary method for treating cancer, based on his conclusion that cancer is essentially a fungus. Dr. Simoncini asserts that tumours are solid abscesses which are the body's attempt to protect itself from a fungal invasion.
In our conversation we look at a variety of problems in the treatment and diagnosis of cancer, and Dr. Simoncini addresses and corrects many popular misconcpetions and theories about the causes of cancer.
We also bring you a round-up of Australian news.

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Introducing the International Common Law Court of Justice

March 14, 2014, part 1 of 2.
Download mp3 » click here
March 14, 2014, part 2 of 2.
Download mp3 » click here

31 March 2014 | Permalink | comments: 4
By Hereward Fenton

My guest today in the 2nd hour is Kevin Annett, co-founder of the International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ).

About ICLCJ:

Natural and Customary Law allows for the establishment of popular courts of justice when the existing legal and governmental authorities are subverting the law and justice, or aiding those who do. Common Law arose historically to uphold the liberties of the people against tyrants, whether religious or secular, and accordingly, has universal jurisdiction when convened as a jury court by more than twelve duly sworn men and women.

The International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) was established as the legal and judicial arm of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and state (ITCCS), with the help of legal experts, judges and survivors of church terror and imperial genocide in more than a dozen countries. (

My discussion with Rev. Annett covers many interesting questions on the application of common law as defined by his organisation.

In the first hour of the show we bring you a round-up of Australian news, and I'm joined by our producer Leah Shanley who gives us a sneak preview on the upcoming interviews planned for TNRA.

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Professor Bob Carter on the latest NIPCC report

March 1, 2014, part 1 of 2.
Download mp3 » click here
March 1, 2014, part 2 of 2.
Download mp3 » click here

06 March 2014 | Permalink | comments: 5
By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ Bob Carter, Climate Change, NIPCC ]

Bob CarterIn today's show we are joined by Professor Bob Carter for the entire second hour to discuss the findings contained in the latest NIPCC report.

The NIPCC ("Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change")  is an international panel of nongovernment scientists and scholars who have come together to understand the causes and consequences of climate change from a sceptical viewpoint, looking at information which is routinely ignored by the official U.N. body, the IPCC.

The NIPCC was formed in response to the IPCC's Fourth Assessment Report, released in 2007 with the aim of providing an independent, second opinion on the IPCC's findings. The first full report of the NIPCC was published in 2009. Another report followed in 2011, and the latest report was published in 2013.

The 2013 NIPCC report contains an Executive Summary and a Summary for Policy Makers which present the findings in an approachable way for general readers.

From the Summary For Policy Makers:

NIPCC’s conclusion, drawn from its extensive review of the scientific evidence, is that any human global
climate signal is so small as to be embedded within the background variability of the natural climate system and is not dangerous. At the same time, global temperature change is occurring, as it always naturally does. A phase of temperature stasis or cooling has succeeded the mild twentieth century warming. It is certain that similar natural climate changes will continue to occur.

In the show today, Professor Carter goes through some of the key findings in the latest report and addresses some popular misconceptions about polar ice and climate variability over the past ten thousand years.

In the first hour of the show we bring you some commentary and analysis on a number of other important news topics.

We take a look at the latest developments in the Schapelle Corby case, and we examine new revelations about the infiltration of the internet by the NSA and its worldwide affiliate organisations (including Australia's "Signals Directorate").

We also take a look at the recent work of Dr. William Pepper which has uncovered important information about the the building specifications for World Trade Center Building 7. Dr. Pepper has proven that the government research body NIST, which issued the official reports on the WTC collapse in 2001, provided factually incorrect blueprints of the building structure. The blueprints which NIST referred to in its report are missing vital structural elements which, if included, would have made their theory of a fire-induced collapse untenable.

Dr. Pepper has written to the U.S. Department of Commerce's Office of the Inspector General, demanding that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), be directed to produce a corrected analysis and report on the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7, with the threat of litigation if this amendment is not made in a timely manner.

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Schapelle Corby is a political prisoner

February 19, 2014, part 1 of 1.
Download mp3 » click here

25 February 2014 | Permalink | comments: 1
By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ Schapelle Corby ]

In today's show we look at the latest developments in the unfolding drama over Schapelle Corby's release and her plans to give an interview on Channel 7.

We examine the real reasons behind the Australian Federal Police raid on the offices of Channel 7 which was ostensibly in relation to enforcing the laws against proceeds of crime. In reality this is an act of intimidation which is highly indicative of criminal motives within the AFP itself, and we go into some of the reasons why this might be the case.

We also take a look at the latest developments in the spying scandal between Australia and Indonesia and how this may be connected with the Corby case.

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to put things into perspective, Pernilla Hagberg is or was the group leader of the green party in the municipal council of Vingåker, population around 4300, in 2012 when she made her statements.

There is no indication whatsoever that she has any ‘inside information’. She just fell for a bunch of sensational claims like other chemtrail believers before her.

Here is the original article from 2012 that Neon Nettle quotes, without linking to it for some reason - maybe because it’s old news ...

A translated quote from that article:

“She says that she does not really know who is responsible for chemtrails but argues that it also can be increased control over world markets, commodity prices and food prices.”

As a follow-up, she was interviewed by “Aftonbladet” from Stockholm.

A translated quote from that article:

“She emphasizes that she speaks as a private individual and not as a representative of the Green Party.”

No “admission” anywhere, just a collection of the usual conspiracy claims found on the Internet. Her father is proud though, as he wrote on a UFO enthusiasts site.

By Josh on 2015 03 15 - 20:03:30
From the entry 'Contrails dissipate quickly whereas chemtrails linger?'.

The 1st of many to come forward, about many issues, Chemtrails, Tenpenny-vaccinations, Food labelling, Energy scams, Isis scams, Terror scams, False flag agendas-War scams, Propaganda exposed, Media presstatutes. The world is WAKING UP ROTHSCHILD!

By Daveeed on 2015 03 15 - 18:49:00
From the entry 'Contrails dissipate quickly whereas chemtrails linger?'.

Swedish Official Admits Toxic Chemtrails Are Real & NOT Conspiracy Official lifts the lid on what chemtrails are…

Those long, white streams of persistent, cloudy haze commonly blasted into blue skies by unmarked airplanes are not your typical contrails, says Swedish Green Party leader Pernilla Hagberg. As reported by the Swedish paper Katrineholms Kuriren, Hagberg, the first major political leader to come forward on the issue, has openly admitted that these unusual cloud trails, which fail to dissipate like normal contrails do, are actually a toxic mix of chemicals, viruses, and metals that she has collectively referred to as “Chemtrails.”

By ntyjmr on 2015 03 15 - 15:13:21
From the entry 'Contrails dissipate quickly whereas chemtrails linger?'.

Heard Tony Abbott is going to print our own $ to pay off the criminal debt! Yipppeeee! Now thats what I call a Government!

By Daveeed on 2015 03 11 - 20:08:56
From the entry 'Contrails dissipate quickly whereas chemtrails linger?'.

this shows the stupidity of this website

|“In the course of our interview Chris documents a range of unethical and downright deceitful practices engaged by ABC Lateline in their coverage of a scandal which indirectly led to the highy controversial and despised NT Intervention.”

and further down

” During tonight’s interview Chris steps us through his research which shows conclusively that senior ABC producers engaged in distortion of facts, wanton fabrication of evidence, and used testimony of informants who were clearly lying.

Such practices are of course all too common at the ABC, as regular listeners to this show will know. As with the biased reporting and cheap attacks on the character of Schapelle Corby’s family, the one-sided coverage of the Syrian conflict or the suppression of critical evidence concerning the 9/11 terrorist attacks,  this shocking story adds weight to the case for radically overhauling or even dismantling the ABC which has flagrantly breached its charter so many times.”

chris graham calls people who question the official account of 911.. conspiracy theorists? he is a liar, and an idiot. - another one!

By trnj on 2015 03 11 - 12:40:09
From the entry 'Contrails dissipate quickly whereas chemtrails linger?'.

Sorry, I hit submit by mistake!

Where this goes wrong is when people think they have a right to stop someone saying something anywhere. That’s megalomania. I think that’s the root of the problem.

By Zek on 2015 03 11 - 11:58:23
From the entry 'The free speech paradox'.

I don’t think there is a paradox. ‘William Nelson’ has freedom to make his own site, to speak in his own house, and in any public place or other people’s places where the people are willing to put up with him. That’s as far as it goes. It’s self-balancing. Hereward is paying for this place, not ‘William Nelson’, so Hereward decides what to allow and what not to.

Where it goes wrong is when people confuse things like ‘government’ with ownership. Government doesn’t own anything (except in the imaginations of its victims), but as long as people believe it does, this apparent paradox is perceived. If you insult someone in your house, they can leave. If you insult them in their house, they can tell you to leave.

By Zek on 2015 03 11 - 11:55:21
From the entry 'The free speech paradox'.

I agree with this site’s creator (Hereward Fenton Esq.) that a moderator is needed to delete frivolous or childish comments such as the one from ‘William Nelson’ above.  Oh. . . I forgot . . that would go against freedom of speech.  Yes, it is a paradox.  Philosophers of course make it their business to untangle apparent paradoxes.  Aristotle, 300 years BC grappled with such issues. He would solve the paradox by redefining virtue as a mean between two extremes. For example extreme free speech could be menacing and defamatory, and extreme lack of free speech could be caused by internal or external repression that hinders the human need to communicate and exchange ideas.  So Aristotelian virtue relating to free speech would be represented by speech that sits somewhere near the mean between two extremes.

By Geoffrey McKee on 2015 03 11 - 11:26:33
From the entry 'The free speech paradox'.


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From the entry 'The free speech paradox'.

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By Orasa on 2015 03 08 - 13:42:40
From the entry 'Israel's act of piracy is examined and condemned'.