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Chemtrails Explained!

August 25, 2009, part 1 of 1.
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26 August 2009


In part 2 of tonight's show John Bursill returns to grapple with the mysteries of chemtrails (or "persistent contrails" as they are sometimes called) . For those new to the subject, here is a quick introduction from wikipedia:
The chemtrail conspiracy theory holds that some contrails are actually chemicals or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for a purpose undisclosed to the general public. Versions of the chemtrail conspiracy theory circulating on the internet and radio talk shows theorize that the activity is directed by government officials. As a result, federal agencies have received thousands of complaints from people who have demanded an explanation. The existence of chemtrails has been repeatedly refuted by government agencies and scientists around the world.

The United States Air Force has stated that the theory is a hoax which "has been investigated and refuted by many established and accredited universities, scientific organizations, and major media publications". The British Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has stated that chemtrails "are not scientifically recognised phenomena". The Canadian Government House Leader has stated that "The term 'chemtrails' is a popularized expression, and there is no scientific evidence to support their existence."

The term chemtrail is derived from "chemical trail" in the similar fashion that contrail is an abbreviation for condensation trail. It does not refer to common forms of aerial spraying such as crop dusting, cloud seeding or aerial firefighting. The term specifically refers to aerial trails allegedly caused by the systematic high-altitude release of chemical substances not found in ordinary contrails, resulting in the appearance of supposedly uncharacteristic sky tracks. Believers of this theory speculate that the purpose of the chemical release may be for global dimming, population control, weather control, or biowarfare and claim that these trails are causing respiratory illnesses and other health problems.

In the first half of the show we cover a number of major breaking stories in Australia and overseas.

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Stories from Part 1:

Apologies for the poor audio in this episode - something went wrong with my microphone!


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Here at the NSW/VIC border we have very strange things happening on a weekly basis. Chemtrails are real and they are happening. <br>Here is an interesting interview on FM radio about Chemtrails (it is in parts) -

By Damian on 2009 08 31 - 10:46:15

I listened to the above - it all sounds like classic disinformation to me - speculation and hysterical hype without science ... “dessicated blood cells” lol?

By Hereward on 2009 08 31 - 11:43:51

You really need to do research Hereward, instead of letting it come to you.

By Damian on 2009 09 02 - 10:40:18

Its not really funny when our kids are getting sick, one was flown to major hospital and in ICU for a week on machines with respiratory illness (which was very scary). Our family eat very health too and all take vitamins/exercise. When our skies are sprayed we start getting problems again and get headaches, not to mention the short term memory loss we are having now in a bad way and everyone I speak to is saying the same thing. We are now moving away from this area because our health is more important, just hope we can escape the spraying, seems to not happen as much in the cities/suburbs but i do see fallout sometimes (when I’m there. How can you explain a trail stopping, then starting again, then stopping and then to start like they run out and changed all in a short time, or sometimes they just stop. How can you explain the circles these jets do (why?) one following the other very close behind (just out of its trail) with the front jet a trail comes out the other nothing. What about a mystery very low flying slow moving large twin engine white jet with a trail coming out, this was around the time we started getting very sick. Mate I don’t need proof i see it here almost everyday.<br>Another one to watch -

By Damian on 2009 09 02 - 11:14:52

I can’t believe you guys are still skeptical about this phenomenon. So, I guess these planes ‘must’ fly over our cities while they ‘literally’ block the sun. Would love to hear you debate Chemtrails with Alex.

By playtoh on 2009 09 03 - 20:58:16

Ive been avoiding commenting on this one but here goes.<br><br>I don’t doubt there are persistent contrails.<br><br>I avoid labeling them as “chemtrails” because of the connotations.<br><br>I don’t doubt the existence of weather modification (by the means of cloud seeding). I dont doubt its used on a daily basis.<br><br>But what I am skeptical about, is that they would be poisoning the same air, water and land that we all share.<br><br>There are many ways that “they’re” keeping us unwell ect. But I don’t believe its been done this way.<br><br>I would be more concerned over fluoridated water supplies in regards to mass populous poisoning.<br><br>Until there’s solid evidence that persistent contrails/cloud seeding/“chemtrails” are actually making people sick, I think I’d rather not jump to any conclusions.

By Calem Smith on 2009 09 05 - 08:14:07

Yes but they have a injections to counteract the effects, they simply don’t tell the rest. If you think about it its a brilliant way to effects many, just spray them. Oh I have been told that this never happens in China and some wealthy countries like Dubai.<br>I still want to know why these things can go off and on again and another would follow right behind with nothing coming out. You want to watch these things in the country, these jets do some very strange things. They wouldn’t do them near Cities as it could create interest.

By Damian on 2009 09 07 - 11:40:18

One of the most idiotic arguments that you’ll hear from “non-believers” is: “they would be poisoning the same air, water and land that we all share.<br>If you are going to spray something on the populace, you will know exactly what you are spraying and what are the precautions to take NOT to get affected. If you check the chemicals that are apparently sprayed (enough evidence exist not to really doubt that it is happening) you can also find that there are de-tox programs available. However, Shitizen Sheeple being generally uninformed and just getting ill would not even think to go looking for de-tox but is most likely to go to his/her GP in belief that it’s “just another cold” and get some medicine that would probably just worsen situation.<br>If you still do not believe, do some research and see how you can explain presence of barium, Aluminium, red blood cells, exotic molds and synthetic fibers in rain water.<br>Len Miskulin<br>(ex) Chairman (in exile)<br>Live Beat Dads UK

By Len Miskulin on 2009 09 13 - 06:11:52

U.S. NAVY TO CONDUCT MASSIVE ATMOSPHERIC EXPERIMENTAL TESTS<br><br>By Rosalind Peterson<br>September 9, 2009<br><br>Starting as early as today, September 15, 2009<br>An article in (1) titled, “NASA Rocket to Create Clouds Tuesday” by Clara Moskowits, Staff Writer – September 14, 2009, was unexpectedly forwarded to me today.<br>According to the article: “…A rocket experiment set to launch Tuesday aims to create artificial clouds at the outermost layers of Earth’s atmosphere. The project, called the Charged Aerosol Release Experiment (CARE)…”This is really essentially at the boundary of space,” said Wayne Scales, a scientist at Virginia Tech who will…study the physics of the artificial dust cloud as it’s released…CARE is slated to launch Tuesday between 7:30 and 7:57 p.m. EDT (2330 and 2357 GMT) from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia….”<br>“…CARE will release its (aluminum oxide) (2), dust particles a bit higher than that, then let them settle back down to a lower altitude.”What the CARE experiment hopes to do is to create an artificial dust layer,” Professor Scales told “Hopefully it’s a creation in a controlled sense, which will allow scientists to study different aspects of it, the turbulence generated on the inside, the distribution of dust particles and such.” CARE is a project of the Naval Research Laboratory and the Department of Defense Space Test Program. The spacecraft will launch aboard a NASA four-stage Black Brant XII suborbital sounding rocket…Researchers will track the CARE dust cloud for days or even months to study its behavior and development over time…If CARE cannot launch Tuesday, the team can try again between Sept. 16 and Sept. 20, 2009…”<br>The U.S. Navy, NASA, and the U.S. Defense Department have made a decision to conduct one or more an atmospheric tests, in order to create an aluminum oxide dust cloud without the permission and for the most part, the knowledge of the citizens of the United States. These aluminum oxide particles will eventually return to earth polluting our air, water and soils. The tests may damage the various atmospheric boundaries that protect life on earth – no one has any idea what damage this dust cloud and the testing on this dust cloud may do to our climate, agriculture, human health or the amount of infrared and UV radiation reaching the Earth.<br>It is time to contact elected officials today and protest this action which may begin as early as today, September 14, 2009. The Navy is already conducting warfare testing in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the Gulf of Mexico and has more ranges in the planning and permit stages. Senator Dianne Feinstein and Senator Barbara Boxer noted in a June 19, 2009. Letter to Dr. Jane Lubchenco, NOAA, U.S. Department of Commerce:<br>“…the Navy plans to increase the number of its exercises or expand the areas in which they may occur, and virtually every coastal state will be affected. Some exercises may occur in the nation’s most biologically sensitive marine habitats, including National Marine Sanctuaries and breeding habitats…” This involves the decimation of more than 11.7 million marine mammals over five years and will increase with each new warfare testing range expansion.<br>TESTING IN THE PACIFIC, ATLANTIC, GULF OF MEXICO, HAWAII & ALASKA<br>TESTING INCLUDES, BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO:<br>* Gunnery Exercises * Bombing Missions * Missile & Torpedo Firing * Underwater Detonations * Research & Testing * Vessel Sinking * Use of hundreds of toxic chemicals, like lead, mercury, tungsten, aluminum coated fiberglass (chaff), Airborne Obscurants like Red & White Phosphorus, fog oils, rocket and jet fuel emissions * Undersea Warfare Training Range Exercises (USWTR) * Mid and High Frequency Sonar Experiments * Both land and ocean exercises will use planes, drones, rockets and sonic booms * Other classified warfare testing experiments will be conducted in these areas.<br><br>Now the U.S. Navy has decided that these experiments are not enough and have added atmospheric testing to their test list. Once again the public has been cut out of the debate, given little or no warning, and there are no Congressional hearings planned for any of these warfare and atmospheric tests.<br><br>It is now time that we, the people, stand up and stop these tests. The Navy and the Department of Defense have to understand that they are not allowed to go to war on us and our oceans for any reason. It is time to make our elected officials aware that we are going to stand against these policies. Take action today – contact your elected officials and stop these new atmospheric tests and demand Congressional Hearings.

By Damian on 2009 09 17 - 17:02:07

More info on this CARE project -<br><br><br>

By Damian on 2009 09 24 - 10:57:09

Today, early afternoon I went for a coffee with a friend to celebrate resurrection of my website although now instead of being as before (somebody nicked domain) it is Expanded and better but still lot of work to do, wonder if I have the time. I live in Croatia now in forced exile from Limey land away from whingeing poms. Looking at the sky I could not believe my eyes. Yes, there were times when chemtrails were bad and getting worse recently but today it was unbelievable. 50 people at least could have played naughts and crosses simultaneously on the sky grids. Well, I guess the news of pandemic is next and then we all get chance be junkies and have a fix. Are you armed yet?

By Len Miskulin on 2009 09 30 - 06:24:40

Strange you mentioned that you saw what looked like noughts and crosses I saw the exact same thing yesterday too. I didn’t see the jets but just the lines left behind. Now these last few days the sky is saturated with this…What is going on ?? We demand action world wide. I see that world wide people are waking up and are sick of these elitist ruining the world with control of many kinds.

By Damian on 2009 09 30 - 12:31:59

I am at loss how these chentrails have gone on so long and we are not marching in every street in every town world wide in protest regardless of any oficial miltary or goverment answers this has got to be the most profoundly evil act against humanity. I dont know about you lot ,but if I had the means to drag the pilots out and kick arse I would gladly do so along with every evil power freek who has set up this system of experiment or global death camp aimed at every man women and child.God help the lot of us if some real action is not taken soon . Spain (sunny when they allow)

By Beth on 2009 10 26 - 09:49:59

Anyone seeing dirty brown coloured cloud, getting reports from across Australia of this and doing strange things. Funny the mass spraying seems to happen when Rudd leave the country.

By Damian on 2009 10 26 - 10:03:18

PS,to my first email, I live in the mountains in southern Spain my sky view is vast and was clear most days . This year Chemical trails feature every day and block the sky and overcast it . Water samples from rain is found to have Barium in it . This is a deep mining mineral that caused minors down through the decades lung problems leading to premiture death apart from many other health problems they had .Barium also depletes the immune system .If you link the chemical spraying with the media hype on the swine flu vaccine one has to start thinking the two programs are some how linked as a direct attack on peoples lives . We are being fed false reports on the swine flu ,yet so many dont even demand answers to being sprayed by Barium. Is everybody brain dead or have you all forgotten how to protest ,to think ,to unit ,to demand answers and until you do, tell them hands off no jabs at the very least you can do that for yourself and family. I do not want to make the drug company’s rich or offer ourselves up for culling I dont want any of this via the air or in my arm,ask your self if you do ??? get real ,put some water containers out that is 100% clean when you place it outside ,after rain go get it tested . Do your own research and protect those you love.

By Beth on 2009 10 26 - 10:31:51

The problem is many don’t want to believe that it is happening, people are to busy (the way the elites want it) with their lives to do anything, they leave it to someone else to care about and fight.<br>It starts with you…. to tell as many people what is happening, to drop notices in letterboxes, to organise groups which will lead to protests, to write to the governments and tell them this needs to be stopped. This is what is takes to get somewhere. But I do see many are starting to wakeup to the truth.

By Damian on 2009 11 04 - 07:30:54

I have been following the weather modification debate for some years and am frustrated by the lack of answers of any kind from our Gov.  This should be front line news and openly questioned by anyone who has the wits to know that all is not as it should be in our sky..but how do you fight against silence???

By icee on 2009 12 26 - 15:29:11

To fight against silence is to organise. The battle is never over.<br>“The spirit of the times may alter, will alter. Our rulers will become corrupt, our people careless. A single zealot may commence persecution, and better men be his victims. It can never be too often repeated, that the time for fixing every essential right on a legal basis is while our rulers are honest and ourselves united. From the conclusion of this war we shall be going downhill. It will not then be necessary to resort every moment to the people for support. They will be forgotten, therefore, and their rights disregarded. They will forget themselves, but in the sole faculty of making money, and will never think of uniting to effect a due respect for their rights. The shackles, therefore, which shall not be knocked off at the conclusion of this war, will remain on us long, will be made heavier and heavier, till our rights shall revive or expire in a convulsion.” Thomas Jefferson

By Damian on 2009 12 27 - 11:50:44

I got really sick for a long time from them when they were persistently spraying my area. I mean chronic fatigue, long time off work etc.<br>I went and saw my local pollie and threatened to SUE govt. minister responsible. We got a letter back, saying John Dawkins (Ithink he was the Fed. in charge at the time had been contacted. Anyway, the bastard planes left my area!<br>Conclusion: get mad in the right way, and get results! And you must always write MY WILL letters if directing these f%$#@^s in writing!

By beat on 2009 12 30 - 20:21:35

Damian I’m totally with you on this ,,I live in Lithgow N.S.W just west Of Katommba ..Ive never been really sick “ever” but back i’d say about 4 years ago I started to notice these strange lines in the sky and did my research on them to find out they are “chemtrails” Ive been to my doctor because for the last three years Myself ,my children and now My Girlfriend all have colds that just never go away ..We’ve been on medicine we’ve always eatten good food ,,not take away junkies and my doctor is at a dead end as to why we have these resporitory problems ..we now look at the traiks every single day ,,they spray from Lithgow west to Orange and beyond ..ive even tasted a salty type dust that was all over my car’s windscreen and ive been told thats barium salt and that apearently is linked very strongly to lung and chest ailments I’m now a full on believer what ever it is their doing up their ,,they sure as hell dont care about us ,,the Population ..

By Stu21963 on 2010 01 02 - 20:44:46

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Although I agree with many of their ideas, the forces reigned against RAM are too great, violent, statist and reactionary for them to remain a non-political, broad based, multi-ethnic, community protest group for much longer. The Left and their Antifa nihilist fellow travelers are already pushing them towards the extreme Right, by calling them racists and Islamophobes and so on. Whilst the extreme Right have aligned themselves with RAM. With fascists of the Left and Right pressuring them they will not be able to remain beyond the Left-Right divide and will inevitably move to the Right - the extreme Right. Which is already happening. A development which will alienate decent Australians of all ethnic backgrounds many of whom currently support them. 

The RAM leadership have already established open alliances with the Patriotic Front (the ape in the photograph is a Patriot Front supporter at a recent Richmond demonstration) Australia First and Golden Dawn, a Greek neo-Nazi party. Members of these collectivist groups are currently attending RAM demonstrations all over Australia.

There is a real need in Australia to establish a political movement beyond the Left-Right divide and their vested interests, a movement that questions the current direction Australia is heading i.e. the direction the Left/Right and their extremes would like to take it; that questions the efficacy of state sponsored multiculturalism, as opposed to a proper, non-discriminatory immigration policy; that questions the validity of political correctness; that is politically neutral, anti-war and pro environment; that is opposed to all collectivists ideologies (fascisms of the Left and Right); that would dismantle the power pyramids of corporations and banks and their ability to impact on government; that would dissolve all anti-terror laws and all laws that impose on the rights and freedom of the individual and the people.   

(The ape in the photograph is a Patriot Front supporter at a recent Richmond demonstration)

By Eugene Donnini on 2015 07 26 - 15:36:56
From the entry 'Dylann Roof: soldier in a new race war or just a pawn in the game?'.

Hello there I am so thrilled I found your web site, I really found you by error, while I was searching on Digg for something else, Anyways I am here now and would just like to say thanks for a incredible post and a all round thrilling blog (I also love the theme/design), I don韙 have time to go through it all at the minute but I have bookmarked it and also included your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a lot more, Please do keep up the great work.

By Prova a Adidas Neutro Originals Nizza Nero Giallo on 2015 07 20 - 08:41:30
From the entry 'Statism, the greater good and the big lie'.

I second Keith’s assertion that Mike Holt from Restore Australia is very much a fake.  He bangs on about Halaal being a scam and money maker for Islam (and no I don’t support Halaal whatsoever), but makes excuses for its counterpart Kosher as being a somehow legitimate.  Double standards?  When I confronted him about this fact he went off on a convoluted tirade about Israel being some sort of “Bastion of Democracy” in the middle east…Really!, I will leave that one up to the readers to decide on.  I found that MH came across as disingenuous to say the least.

By Citizen Scorn on 2015 07 19 - 07:33:43
From the entry 'Restore Australia!'.

Without doubt, TNR is one of the best, if not the best alternative news source on the net. Which doesn’t mean Herewood is always right. His job, I believe, is to present the facts as he sees them as an objectively as possible, without fear or favor.  For this, he has my respect and support. But I believe he needs to be careful and to think a little deeper about the problems of “racism,” in Australia. He has labelled the Reclaim Australia Movement as racist. I’m wondering if his objectivity is a little weak on this point, a little without foundation.

Of course all political movements have its fringe groups and individuals. We make a distinction between, for example, a Muslim and a fundamentalist Muslim (Islamist), and by so doing we don’t claim that all Muslims are blood thirsty fanatics. If its good for the Muslims, then its good for RAM, which is bound to attract a few lunatics and real racists. But to brand the entire movement as “racist” is wrong; it is the same ploy that is used by the mainstream media and its left-wing, establishment Marxist boot boys.

One of the first things I noticed when i attended a RAM rally recently were the amount of non-white people in attendance, including Aboriginals. In fact the main banner of RAM contains an Australian flag and an Aboriginal flag. Speakers at their rallies have included Jews, Arabs, Indians, Aboriginals, Chinese and so on. What does this tell you? Is this really a fascist-Nazi-racist movement whose stated aim are the eradication and exclusion of other cultures, in place of some sort of Aussie white Reich, or is this just propaganda that is being propagated by the left for their own political interests. Consequently, we all know where the culmination of their politics have led, historically speaking, which are to the imposition of terror and dictatorships.

We can be thankful for small mercies, in terms of the Left, which today mostly tends to attract collectivists, establishmentarians and the privileged sons and daughters of the upper bourgeoisie, who seems to share one thing in common, nativity….

By Eugene on 2015 07 18 - 16:03:54
From the entry 'Dylann Roof: soldier in a new race war or just a pawn in the game?'.

Mike Holt from Restore Australia is very much a fake.  He hasn’t even been citizen for but a few years.  But, he makes out like he was born there.  ALSO - this guy spent 30 years in Thailand working shady businesses.  I would wager that his primary purpose in being an activist is that he wants to make money off selling merchandise.

By Keith on 2015 07 17 - 20:51:15
From the entry 'Restore Australia!'.

good to see you putting out some new shows heraward

freely the banana girl is to a certain extent a troll, as is her boyfriend durian rider. they have been trolling the fitness community on youtube for some time… and yes they are extreme but they are also trolls. They use their trolling to spread their message. currently, another dude called vegangains is trolling the fitness community as well.

i am a vegetarian, and it was seeing this documentary on the pork industry that started me on the vegetarian path. for anyone interested, its pretty off the charts disturbing and its australian as well. its pretty much made by dudes breaking into pork farms and filming what they find

Would the world be better if people cared where their food came from? probably, they might then care about other things too

do you become a better person if you dont eat meat? i feel like a better person mainly because animals aren’t being hurt because of me. i dont feel humans have to eat meat really… or at least not much. How can you watch that documentary on pork, know that that is pretty much whats going on and turn a blind eye to it? I think its basic empathy and just saying well ‘i like bacon so yeah’ is in my opinion wrong and i can see freleys point of view to an extent. In my opinion, at least these people believe in something. i see my money as my vote, henceforth im ethical as to what i do with it. free range eggs became mainstream for exactly this reason… although im pretty sure woolies and coles lobbied the state to change the definition of the word ‘free range’ at some point. I dont eat beef because the amount of resources that go into growing a cow are pretty crazy. Think about how much grass that cow needs to eat before it is harvested and how much space it requires. think of how many vegies you could grow in the same space with the same amount of water. lamb? comon, think about what your doing here… but that being said i think most vegans are total loons. People like freeley should be advocating for the destruction of lions and tigers, as lions and tigers murder other animals in truly horrific style. if we humans are smart enough to not harm animals, then we should be stopping the animals that harm other animals from existing. Freeley also kills birds when she flies in aeroplanes so she is a hypocrite.

feminism is one of the biggest problems in society today and although there is some valid historical basis to it, the liberation of the human female from their biology is in my opinion largely a product of the technological advance of humans. sufferagettes where never machine gunned on the streets, unlike the men that where drafted and sent off to war to die just a few years earlier. as technology has advanced, women have advanced as well, however now its going way too far and is pretty blatantly anti male in many respects. i view feminism in its modern context as a tool of the social marxists that really isnt doing society a great deal of good at this time. its screwing up gender dynamics and is wrecking women and men for each other. i see it as low frequency, lowest common denominator idiocy, just like a lot of the the race baiting ‘is this racist’ stuff getting around that is being perpetuated pretty much as a distraction, divide and conquer strategy by the power elite. idiots love this kind of bicker and beef… it would be funny if it wasn’t so serious


I agree with steven friar. gods a maniac

good show… keep making them

By r0Kb3B0p on 2015 07 14 - 21:05:32
From the entry 'Addictions, obsessions, fanaticisms and distractions'.

Really truthfull.

By OZE on 2015 07 07 - 16:56:36
From the entry 'Defending your personal health choices'.

Yeah sure authority aware.

By OZE on 2015 07 07 - 16:28:55
From the entry 'What is the future of Australia?'.

Stay tuned for more rules here as usually is the case!!!

By OZE on 2015 07 07 - 16:21:50
From the entry 'Mass media disinformation and brainwashing dissected'.

Almost two months since the last broadcast! How the hell can you expect people to donate when you don’t broadcast? Looks like the ship of truth has sprung a leak. This broadcast has been part of my life almost since its inception…it is one of the few alternative news sources that hasn’t gone off the deep end, by dilution credible information with crap e.g. Fairdinkum Radio and Info Wars…Pittard started FR with some incredibly interesting material, but then he flipped…Today he sounds like a fundamentalist preacher, the Christian equivalent to a Fanatical Islamist. As an atheist, I think he’s really ###### up a potentially good show. As for Info Wars, all they would have to do to improve is dump Alex Jones, what a shit-for-brains. I reckon Jones and Pittard are allowed to proliferate, because they’re so stupid and harmless. I suppose they have some entertainment value, and along with David Icke are living examples of how low the alternative media has sunk. Truth News Radio is, or should I say was, way ahead of them all ahead of them all in terms of credibility How sad that its come to this.

By Eugene on 2015 06 28 - 17:28:56
From the entry 'Introducing Mark Zuckerberg's free 'private' internet which will soon be rolled out to 4 billion+ people'.