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Is Islam compatible with freedom and democracy?

December 12, 2015, part 1 of 1.
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16 December 2015

By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ Islam, Islamic State, John Pilger ]

In today's show we continue our investigation into civil liberties issues within Islamic societies.

We take a look at some of the aspects of Islamic law which represent gross violations of human rights, and we also bring to light movements within Islam which repudiate such laws and uphold the concept of separation of Church and State, the freedom of religion, and respecting the practice of religion as a private choice not subject to interference from government.

We also bring you an excellent interview from RT with John Pilger where he explains how ISIS was created through policies deriving from Washington, London and Paris.

We analyze and comment upon a speech by US President Barrack Obama in relation to an alleged terrorist attack which occured in San...

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Islam Vs Christianity - a special investigation for the truth community

November 28, 2015, part 1 of 1.
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02 December 2015

By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ Islam, Kunduz Hospital Bombing ]

If you only listen to one TNRA podcast this year, please make it this one!

In today's show we delve deep into history in order to clarify the misunderstandings which have lead to extreme prejudice against Islam which is now rampant among truth seekers in the West.

This show was recorded on the week of Thanksgiving in the US. In the show we explore the horrifying truth of Thanksgiving day and we apply this knowledge to our understanding of religious intolerance in the present day.

We further explain that the phenomenon of violent political movements deceptively using religion and ideology as a justification for atrocities is a universal theme and has nothing specific to do with Islam.

This is an incredibly important point to understand, as unfortunately...

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The psychopathy of political extremism from the Khmer Rouge to ISIS

November 21, 2015, part 1 of 1.
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25 November 2015

By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ Islamic State ]

In today's show we take a deep look at the psychological underpinning of extremist political movements, and we demonstrate that the extremism and atrocities of ISIS stem from the trauma of people who suffered under the imperial conquest of the United States, rather than being an expression of Islamic ideology, as many have claimed.

We take a look at a recent article by John Pilger which highlights the similarity between the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia during the 70's and the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

ISIS is a product of western Imperialism and mass murder, which dehumanises and radicalises populations, and which can produce in any society the kind of disordered psychopathic traits we seen in both ISIS and the Khmer Rouge.

This does not mean Islam...

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No jab, no pay, NO WAY!

November 14, 2015, part 1 of 2.
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November 14, 2015, part 2 of 2.
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17 November 2015

By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ Vaccination ]

Today we return to the topic of vaccines, as the Senate deliberates on the passage of one of the most draconian attacks on personal health freedom anywhere in the world.

The "No jab, no pay" bill, as it's patronisingly called, will see Australian parents stripped of up to $15,000 per year in government benefits for failing to get their children fully vaccinated according to the government mandated schedule.

In the 2nd hour I am joined by Damien Poulsen who is the organiser of a protest movement titled No jab, no pay, NO WAY!.

From the website:

We are a group of individuals and parents who believe in freedom of choice and the right of all parents to make their families medical choices free from coercion, manipulation and blackmail! We have had...

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Kunduz: anatomy of an American war crime

November 7, 2015, part 1 of 1.
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12 November 2015

By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ Kunduz Hospital Bombing ]

Today we cover in detail all the known facts surrounding the bombing of an MSF hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, which took place on 3rd October 2015.

The release of the MSF internal review last week has provided further insights on this horrific attack which is being described by Western media  and US government sources as a 'mistake'.

While the US government continues to remain mute on how it was possible that US forces bombed an established hospital by mistake, other sources have provided a wealth of information which confirms that the hospital was indeed perceived as a target, both by US special forces and Afghan forces, due to the presence of Taliban fighters as patients and intelligence which suggested that a Pakistani agent had infiltrated the...

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US power on the wane

October 31, 2015, part 1 of 1.
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06 November 2015

By Hereward Fenton

Today we look at a number of world events which indicate that the status of the United States as the world's only superpower is now in doubt and indeed suggest that US power and dominance is on the wane globally.

The situation in Syria is now fundamantally changed by the Russian intervention, and the recent Vienna conference of 9 global powers working to establish a Syrian ceasefire shows that the US is no longer controlling the agenda in terms of the way the Syrian conflict is perceived globally.

In the Pacific China has thrown down the gauntlet and threatened the US with war if it continues to violate what China calls its territorial waters around the Spratleys.

In Europe the EU parliament has voted to recognise the status of Edward Snowden as a...

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Why you need to defy the odds and challenge the system

October 24, 2015, part 1 of 1.
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30 October 2015

By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ Personal Empowerment ]

Today we look at some common reasons why people fail to take action against injustice and tyranny.

Some common reasons given include:

  • You don't have the skills
  • You can't compete with the big players
  • You have nothing original to say
  • It's too time consuming
  • There's no benefit to you
  • It will harm your image
  • Nobody cares about truth
  • You can't change the course of history

Today we provide rebuttals for each one of the above excuses for remaining passive in the face of oppression.

Also in the show today we return to the question of freedom Vs copyright law and we finally destroy the notion that copying of digital content is equivalent to theft.

We cover the South East Asian haze crisis, and explain the paradoxical...

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The dirty, rotten truth about the TPP

October 17, 2015, part 1 of 1.
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21 October 2015

By Hereward Fenton

In today's show we expose some nasty facts about the Trans Pacific Partnership which those behind it have persistently concealed from the general public around the world.

We take a look at the contents of the recenlty leaked text of the agreement, with special attention on the provisions for stamping out and criminalising copyright infringement. 

Also in the show we examine the hysterical positioin of the Australian government in relation to Russia, in the wake of the release of the Dutch report into the downing of flight MH-17 in the Ukraine.

Finally, we discuss the shocking case of the murder or Deven Guilford who was shot dead by a policeman after refusing to provide his licence in a traffic stop. Guilford was pulled over simply for flashing his high...

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Australia steps up suppression of free speech with expulsion of anti-abortion activist Troy Newman

October 2, 2015, part 1 of 1.
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08 October 2015

By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ Abortion, Vaccination ]

Today we take another look at the abortion debate in the wake of the deportation of anti-abortion activist Troy Newman.

We consider the state of our abortion laws and reflect upon the implications of laws which allow late term abortions in Australia. In Victoria abortions are legal on demand up to 24 weeks, while in the ACT the unborn have no rights whatsoever - meaning abortion is technically legal right up to the moment of birth.

We argue that the gagging of people such as Troy Newman and legislation to provide protest free zones around abortion clinics is an assault on the very foundations of democracy. This, coupled with recent shocking revelations about the sale of fetal body parts from late term abortions in the US, should give everybody cause for...

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The dirty truth of biometrics

September 26, 2015, part 1 of 1.
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01 October 2015

By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ biometrics, Climate Change ]

The recent theft of millions of biometric records of US government employees exposes the systemic failure of biometric identification systems in providing enhanced data security and further highlights the deliberate disinformation which surrounds the promotion of biometrics as the ultimate form of cyber-security.

Today we present the counter-argument that the introduction of biometrics as a universal authorisation system will ultimately destroy all security and leave us helpless pawns in the hands of tyrannical governments and criminal cartels.

The key problem of course is that biometric identifiers cannot be changed like passwords. They are forever, and once your identifier is stolen you are forever without real security if you use biometric systems which...

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Will Malcolm Turnbull restore Australia’s faith in climate alarmism?

September 19, 2015, part 1 of 1.
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21 September 2015

By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ Climate Change ]

In today's show we take a look at the key distinguishing difference between Australia's new Prime Minister and his predecessor. 

Malcolm Turnbull was of course ousted from the Leadership of the LNP in 2009 over his endorsement of an emissions trading scheme. Will his return to the leadership trigger a shift back to government support for carbon pricing? We suggest that it is now too late, and that despite the relentless propaganda, the general public has mostly lost interest in the whole concept of climate catastrophe. 

One reason why this is the case is the simple fact that real scientists have finally begun to turn the tables on the politicized pseudo-science of climate modelling. To illustrate this, we highlight a recent controversy within the American...

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The dumbed-down view on the Syrian refugee crisis smashed

September 12, 2015, part 1 of 1.
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18 September 2015

By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ Gay Rights, Syria ]

In today's show we demonstrate how all of Australia's political leaders have collaborated in a big lie which dangerously undermines international relations.

The central lie which we confront is the assertion that President Bashar Al Assad of Syria is responsible for the current disaster, which of course is the favoured view of those who cravenly bow down before the corrupt and degenerate Anglo-American Empire.

We further show that the refugees ariving in Europe are in many cases falsely representing their origins. Recent events have indeed shown that many of these individuals are themeselves violent extremists. The West has thus created a secondary crisis by fomenting a situation where multitudes of people are forcing their way into European States. Germany...

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Syrian refugee crisis, global economy and the Virginia shooting hoax accusation

September 5, 2015, part 1 of 1.
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09 September 2015

By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ Financial Crisis, Syria ]

In today's show we cover a number of compelling topics. We begin with a look at the Syrian refugee crisis and include an excerpt from an interview with retired General Peter Gration, who has denounced Australia's decision to join the bombing campaing on Syria.

We also take a look at the looming signs of global economic disaster which have been growing this year.

Finally we turn our critical eye upon the widespread claims that the on-air shooting in Virginia in which two TV journalists died was a hoax and that the victims and their relatives are all "crisis actors".

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Abortion, birth control, eugenics, euthanasia and Planned Parenthood

August 1, 2015, part 1 of 1.
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05 August 2015

By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ Birth Control, Eugenics ]

In today's show we probe into the history of birth control in the United States and discuss it's broader philosophical implications.

We demonstrate the inseparable connection between contraception and abortion and emphasise the need to come to a comprehensive understanding of all the issues in this debate.

We analyse some historical data and take a look at the perspective of Margaret Sanger, the founder America's major abortion provider, Planned Parenthood Inc. We also look at some abortion laws around the world.

We suggest that people need to confront the difficulties in creating a system of laws which provides protection for the unborn, while recognising that there is a distinction between a fetus and a legal person.

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Mysterious deaths of alternative health practitioners

July 18, 2015, part 1 of 1.
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22 July 2015

By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ Autism, Vaccination ]

In today's show we delve into a conspiracy theory which proposes that alternative health practitioners across the US are being systematically eliminated.

We propose that this widespread conspiracy theory is essentially disinformation designed to distract the general public from the very real concerns abou the death of controversial autism researcher Dr. Jeff Bradstreet.

Dr. Bradstreet was a licenced MD and had published his research in peer reviewed journals. His research and credentials presented a serious problem for the Big Pharma PR campaign to stamp out popular belief in the connection between autism and vaccines. There were people in high places who stood to gain by his death.

In our view the death of Jeff Bradstreet is highly suspicious, but the...

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Although I agree with many of their ideas, the forces reigned against RAM are too great, violent, statist and reactionary for them to remain a non-political, broad based, multi-ethnic, community protest group for much longer. The Left and their Antifa nihilist fellow travelers are already pushing them towards the extreme Right, by calling them racists and Islamophobes and so on. Whilst the extreme Right have aligned themselves with RAM. With fascists of the Left and Right pressuring them they will not be able to remain beyond the Left-Right divide and will inevitably move to the Right - the extreme Right. Which is already happening. A development which will alienate decent Australians of all ethnic backgrounds many of whom currently support them. 

The RAM leadership have already established open alliances with the Patriotic Front (the ape in the photograph is a Patriot Front supporter at a recent Richmond demonstration) Australia First and Golden Dawn, a Greek neo-Nazi party. Members of these collectivist groups are currently attending RAM demonstrations all over Australia.

There is a real need in Australia to establish a political movement beyond the Left-Right divide and their vested interests, a movement that questions the current direction Australia is heading i.e. the direction the Left/Right and their extremes would like to take it; that questions the efficacy of state sponsored multiculturalism, as opposed to a proper, non-discriminatory immigration policy; that questions the validity of political correctness; that is politically neutral, anti-war and pro environment; that is opposed to all collectivists ideologies (fascisms of the Left and Right); that would dismantle the power pyramids of corporations and banks and their ability to impact on government; that would dissolve all anti-terror laws and all laws that impose on the rights and freedom of the individual and the people.   

(The ape in the photograph is a Patriot Front supporter at a recent Richmond demonstration)

By Eugene Donnini on 2015 07 26 - 15:36:56
From the entry 'Dylann Roof: soldier in a new race war or just a pawn in the game?'.

Hello there I am so thrilled I found your web site, I really found you by error, while I was searching on Digg for something else, Anyways I am here now and would just like to say thanks for a incredible post and a all round thrilling blog (I also love the theme/design), I donÚčÖ have time to go through it all at the minute but I have bookmarked it and also included your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a lot more, Please do keep up the great work.

By Prova a Adidas Neutro Originals Nizza Nero Giallo on 2015 07 20 - 08:41:30
From the entry 'Statism, the greater good and the big lie'.

I second Keith’s assertion that Mike Holt from Restore Australia is very much a fake.  He bangs on about Halaal being a scam and money maker for Islam (and no I don’t support Halaal whatsoever), but makes excuses for its counterpart Kosher as being a somehow legitimate.  Double standards?  When I confronted him about this fact he went off on a convoluted tirade about Israel being some sort of “Bastion of Democracy” in the middle east…Really!, I will leave that one up to the readers to decide on.  I found that MH came across as disingenuous to say the least.

By Citizen Scorn on 2015 07 19 - 07:33:43
From the entry 'Restore Australia!'.

Without doubt, TNR is one of the best, if not the best alternative news source on the net. Which doesn’t mean Herewood is always right. His job, I believe, is to present the facts as he sees them as an objectively as possible, without fear or favor.  For this, he has my respect and support. But I believe he needs to be careful and to think a little deeper about the problems of “racism,” in Australia. He has labelled the Reclaim Australia Movement as racist. I’m wondering if his objectivity is a little weak on this point, a little without foundation.

Of course all political movements have its fringe groups and individuals. We make a distinction between, for example, a Muslim and a fundamentalist Muslim (Islamist), and by so doing we don’t claim that all Muslims are blood thirsty fanatics. If its good for the Muslims, then its good for RAM, which is bound to attract a few lunatics and real racists. But to brand the entire movement as “racist” is wrong; it is the same ploy that is used by the mainstream media and its left-wing, establishment Marxist boot boys.

One of the first things I noticed when i attended a RAM rally recently were the amount of non-white people in attendance, including Aboriginals. In fact the main banner of RAM contains an Australian flag and an Aboriginal flag. Speakers at their rallies have included Jews, Arabs, Indians, Aboriginals, Chinese and so on. What does this tell you? Is this really a fascist-Nazi-racist movement whose stated aim are the eradication and exclusion of other cultures, in place of some sort of Aussie white Reich, or is this just propaganda that is being propagated by the left for their own political interests. Consequently, we all know where the culmination of their politics have led, historically speaking, which are to the imposition of terror and dictatorships.

We can be thankful for small mercies, in terms of the Left, which today mostly tends to attract collectivists, establishmentarians and the privileged sons and daughters of the upper bourgeoisie, who seems to share one thing in common, nativity….

By Eugene on 2015 07 18 - 16:03:54
From the entry 'Dylann Roof: soldier in a new race war or just a pawn in the game?'.

Mike Holt from Restore Australia is very much a fake.  He hasn’t even been citizen for but a few years.  But, he makes out like he was born there.  ALSO - this guy spent 30 years in Thailand working shady businesses.  I would wager that his primary purpose in being an activist is that he wants to make money off selling merchandise.

By Keith on 2015 07 17 - 20:51:15
From the entry 'Restore Australia!'.

good to see you putting out some new shows heraward

freely the banana girl is to a certain extent a troll, as is her boyfriend durian rider. they have been trolling the fitness community on youtube for some time… and yes they are extreme but they are also trolls. They use their trolling to spread their message. currently, another dude called vegangains is trolling the fitness community as well.

i am a vegetarian, and it was seeing this documentary on the pork industry that started me on the vegetarian path. for anyone interested, its pretty off the charts disturbing and its australian as well. its pretty much made by dudes breaking into pork farms and filming what they find

Would the world be better if people cared where their food came from? probably, they might then care about other things too

do you become a better person if you dont eat meat? i feel like a better person mainly because animals aren’t being hurt because of me. i dont feel humans have to eat meat really… or at least not much. How can you watch that documentary on pork, know that that is pretty much whats going on and turn a blind eye to it? I think its basic empathy and just saying well ‘i like bacon so yeah’ is in my opinion wrong and i can see freleys point of view to an extent. In my opinion, at least these people believe in something. i see my money as my vote, henceforth im ethical as to what i do with it. free range eggs became mainstream for exactly this reason… although im pretty sure woolies and coles lobbied the state to change the definition of the word ‘free range’ at some point. I dont eat beef because the amount of resources that go into growing a cow are pretty crazy. Think about how much grass that cow needs to eat before it is harvested and how much space it requires. think of how many vegies you could grow in the same space with the same amount of water. lamb? comon, think about what your doing here… but that being said i think most vegans are total loons. People like freeley should be advocating for the destruction of lions and tigers, as lions and tigers murder other animals in truly horrific style. if we humans are smart enough to not harm animals, then we should be stopping the animals that harm other animals from existing. Freeley also kills birds when she flies in aeroplanes so she is a hypocrite.

feminism is one of the biggest problems in society today and although there is some valid historical basis to it, the liberation of the human female from their biology is in my opinion largely a product of the technological advance of humans. sufferagettes where never machine gunned on the streets, unlike the men that where drafted and sent off to war to die just a few years earlier. as technology has advanced, women have advanced as well, however now its going way too far and is pretty blatantly anti male in many respects. i view feminism in its modern context as a tool of the social marxists that really isnt doing society a great deal of good at this time. its screwing up gender dynamics and is wrecking women and men for each other. i see it as low frequency, lowest common denominator idiocy, just like a lot of the the race baiting ‘is this racist’ stuff getting around that is being perpetuated pretty much as a distraction, divide and conquer strategy by the power elite. idiots love this kind of bicker and beef… it would be funny if it wasn’t so serious


I agree with steven friar. gods a maniac

good show… keep making them

By r0Kb3B0p on 2015 07 14 - 21:05:32
From the entry 'Addictions, obsessions, fanaticisms and distractions'.

Really truthfull.

By OZE on 2015 07 07 - 16:56:36
From the entry 'Defending your personal health choices'.

Yeah sure authority aware.

By OZE on 2015 07 07 - 16:28:55
From the entry 'What is the future of Australia?'.

Stay tuned for more rules here as usually is the case!!!

By OZE on 2015 07 07 - 16:21:50
From the entry 'Mass media disinformation and brainwashing dissected'.

Almost two months since the last broadcast! How the hell can you expect people to donate when you don’t broadcast? Looks like the ship of truth has sprung a leak. This broadcast has been part of my life almost since its inception…it is one of the few alternative news sources that hasn’t gone off the deep end, by dilution credible information with crap e.g. Fairdinkum Radio and Info Wars…Pittard started FR with some incredibly interesting material, but then he flipped…Today he sounds like a fundamentalist preacher, the Christian equivalent to a Fanatical Islamist. As an atheist, I think he’s really ###### up a potentially good show. As for Info Wars, all they would have to do to improve is dump Alex Jones, what a shit-for-brains. I reckon Jones and Pittard are allowed to proliferate, because they’re so stupid and harmless. I suppose they have some entertainment value, and along with David Icke are living examples of how low the alternative media has sunk. Truth News Radio is, or should I say was, way ahead of them all ahead of them all in terms of credibility How sad that its come to this.

By Eugene on 2015 06 28 - 17:28:56
From the entry 'Introducing Mark Zuckerberg's free 'private' internet which will soon be rolled out to 4 billion+ people'.