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Naomi Wolf: American people must rise up “in the millions”  to overthrow the corrupt regime

07 October 2008 | Permalink | comments: 0

Categories: [ 9/11 Truth Movement ]

Interview with Naomi Wolf author of "Give Me Liberty: A Handbook for American Revolutionaries" given October 4, 2008 on Mind Over Matters, KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle.

For more information, visit:

In this talk Naomi Wolf hilights the grave threats to freedom in America, which she says have advanced by several steps towards full blown fascism since she published "The End Of America" last year. The Bush/Cheney cabal has launched a coup, and according to Wolf there is little time left to rescue democracy.

She is effectively calling for insurrection. She is also calling on D.A.'s around the country to arrest the heads of government on charges of high treason.

According to Wolf, members of congress last week were warned that failure to approve the 700 billion "bail out" bill would lead to economic collapse and the imposition of martial law within days. This coupled with the recent deployment of troops on American soil for "crowd control" measures, indicates that a totalitarian power shift has already taken place.

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth break the 500 barrier

07 October 2008 | Permalink | comments: 0

Categories: [ 9/11 Truth Movement ]

As of today there are 501 signatories to this petition initiated by Richard Gage, founder of


Please Take Notice That:

On Behalf of the People of the United States of America, the undersigned Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and affiliates hereby petition for, and demand, a truly independent investigation with subpoena power in order to uncover the full truth surrounding the events of 9/11/01 - specifically the collapses of the World Trade Center Towers and Building 7. We believe there is sufficient doubt about the official story and therefore the 9/11 investigation must be re-opened and must include a full inquiry into the possible use of explosives that might have been the actual cause of the destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers and Building 7.

Cynthia McKinney exposes crimes against humanity committed in New Orleans

05 October 2008 | Permalink | comments: 0

Categories: [ 9/11 Truth Movement ]

This is truly one of the scariest stories I've come across, and the bar has already been raised pretty high on scariness.

On 29th September 2008, former congress woman and leader of the US Greens, Cynthia Mckinney, made the astonishing claim, based on reliable inside information, that as many as 5,000 human beings were shot in the head then secretly dumped in swamps in Louisiana, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The burials were organised by the Department of Defence, and the data about those killed was entered into a Pentagon computer.

Those who participated in the burial of the bodies were sworn to secrecy.

From Oped News
1 October 2008

... McKinney not only relates what an informant has reported to her, but states that insiders in the Red Cross have confirmed to her that it is true. If this is indeed true, and I regretfully believe it, based on what I have heard and read (see below), then this is a damnable crime of massive proportions, in a word, a massacre of Americans, and must be brought to light.

Georgianne Nienaber, who has written for OpEdNews on the subject of extrajudicial slayings previously, booached this ghoulish topic in an article entitled Baghdad on the Bayou: Disaster Capitalism and the War on Equality, dated Dec 3, 2007. Here are some excerpts from this article, which was based on an interview with Cajun Blues artist Tab Benoit. In it Benoit is claiming that there were many more people slain by the authorities and Blackwater than is being told. In fact, he is alleging that Blackwater was blowing people (read Blacks basically) away left and right. Check out these quotes from Benoit, but first let me emphasize that this was written well beofre McKinney's above remarks and is in no way an endorsement of McKinney. The two peices stand apart in focus:

"This Katrina thing was handled as if it would have been Iraq. It was handled in a military way for resources; resources were the main focus, and the only difference is that the hurricane scattered people instead of bombs. There were people getting shot, there were bodies everywhere, there was destruction everywhere, and there's oil coming out of the ground like it never has before. Remind you of something else? The only difference is that we didn't have the equipment and the ability to fight back."

    "As soon as Homeland Security took over FEMA, people down here started paying attention. I can't say people in New Orleans were because they never had to deal with FEMA. Down here we flood every three or four years from a storm event. But New Orleans doesn't flood as often, you know, when we hear Homeland Security took over FEMA, it's like "Oh my god-now what?"

    "So I really started paying attention to things and how things were run. When Homeland Security is running it, that's a whole different agenda. It has nothing to do with rescuing people. Homeland Security is not a rescue operation.

    "I did an interview with more than one person from another country. One in particular was a guy from Canada... we [FEMA] had ordered 20,000 more body bags after Katrina, from Canada. Somebody was investigating. And because they were saying 1300 people died, and we had 20,000 body bags in New Orleans and they ran out, and had to reorder another 20,000 body bags." (2)

    Blackwater, Terrorism and Casualty Counts

    "They found out that Blackwater was killing people. Blackwater was just in there eradicating. If you didn't make it past the checkpoint and got to the dome or the convention center, or the bridge, or whatever, you were fair game.

    "They were claiming that they would deputize to confiscate guns. But they were told to shoot whenever they felt like it." (3)

    "Everybody here knows that there are more than 1300 people dead. Everybody that actually got into the city and was trying to help, saw bodies floating, saw bullet wounds. The coroner knows what's going on, and he ain't talking. But he knows. Because I know for a fact from some other sources that he was saying to somebody, probably on a private level, that those bullet wounds were military or highly powerful wounds. [Our investigation noted the same reports from multiple, unrelated sources.]

    Those were not 22 caliber pistols. Or 9-millimeter pistols. Let's face it; criminals want to save their lives too, in a situation like that. It's not some free-for-all. People are trying to get the hell out of there."

    Mass[ive] Media Cover-Up

    "The way it was portrayed [by media] was totally wrong. And from what I hear from outside of this country, which really is embarrassing to me, is that our media doesn't touch the stuff. I did an interview with a guy and he was blown away every time he opens a new door, it's a whole other big story that nobody is covering. He said that this thing is like the ten-headed snake. You grab one head and the other one is ready to bite you.

    "There is a story trying to go out on the Associated Press right now about oil and how that is why we're in the situation we're in right now, and the guy has submitted it, ready to go, and it's really a huge step, but it hasn't been out yet. This has been over a month that it's been submitted and it hasn't been out on the wire, so, is he gonna print it? That's a whole different thing. At least someone is willing to listen.

    "This Katrina thing was handled as if it would have been Iraq. It was handled in a military way for resources, resources were the main focus, and the only difference is that the hurricane scattered people instead of bombs. There were people getting shot, there were bodies everywhere, there was destruction everywhere, and there's oil coming out of the ground like it never has before. Remind you of something else? The only difference is that we didn't have the equipment and the ability to fight back. We didn't have suicide bombers and the things that other people have.

    "You get knocked out, and then you get killed. Look how easy this was to do. All the peoples' records were wiped out. Their city hall, their courthouses, their medical records, and their hospitals-all of that is gone. How easy is it to start taking people out at that point? That's the easiest thing in the world to be able to do.

    "You hide it from the media, you keep the media focused on the [super] dome and the convention center, and you keep giving opinionated stories about what this picture is, and then you pull the wool over everybody's eyes. I don't know what we're doing outside of this country, but I know what I saw right here."


    (2) Reports of as many as 70,000 body bags have been published, but have since vanished from Internet archives. In September 2005, the Modesto, California Bee and the AP reported, "The federal government is trying to purchase an additional 50,000 body bags for use in the Hurricane Katrina cleanup and in Iraq,” according to John Hassapakis, manager of Central Valley Professional Services in Modesto. "Those were sent directly to New Orleans." Previously, the Federal Emergency Management Administration purchased 25,000 body bags and shipped them to New Orleans.

    (3) George W. Bush instituted a “zero tolerance” for looting in the aftermath of the flood, even if someone was “looting” “food or water.” Louisiana’s governor, Kathleen Blanco, added a “shoot to kill” order to Bush’s “zero tolerance” proclamation (see various media reports from BBC, ABC News, CNN et al). When National Guard troops from other states entered New Orleans five days after Katrina, troops aggressively pointed their rifles at black survivors who approached them while seeking aid (see People’s Hurricane Relief Fund The private military company Blackwater issued a press release stating they were in New Orleans: see Reporters Jeremy Scahill and Daniela Crespo quoted Blackwater operatives in September 2005: “They say they are on contract with the Department of Homeland Security and have been given the authority to use lethal force” (

    Again, the full article, part of a series, is at

Free Energy - the open source energy movement

September 26, 2008, part 1 of 1.
Download mp3 » click here

03 October 2008 | Permalink | comments: 5

TNRA show 14,

In this weeks show we talk to Ashtweth Palise, Co-Founder of the and and one of the most visible and vocal people of the Open Source Energy movement. He has worked diligently for years, tirelessly bringing us well-produced videos, presentations, and comprehensive documentation regarding free energy technology and energy-saving devices.

If you would like the Blue Print plans to make a geet converter for your self please see

Some more great links about geet are here

Please be sure to support the open scorce energy movment by subscribing to the Panacea Bocaf newsletter. This news letter holds multible functions, it gives great information and breaking news on new discoveries aswell as helps protect the open scorce engineers by exposing thier work across the world.

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Currently Panacea finds the follwing devices the best practical do now applications and creditable introductory devices in the field of "free energy" devices.

Australia’s place in the New World Order

25 September 2008 | Permalink | comments: 0

Categories: [ 9/11 Truth Movement ]

From WeAreChangeBrisbane

An Introduction to Australia's slide into a police state and New World Order. 

We Are Change is a citizens based grassroots peace and social justice movement working to reveal the truth behind the events of September 11th, as well as the lies of the government and corporate elite who remain suspect in this crime. In addition, we are here to aid the sick and dying first responders through fund-raising and social outreach programs in order to promote awareness of those who suffer from physical, emotional, and psychological traumas they received in the aftermath of 9-11. We also seek to meet other local citizens who are interested in educating the public while engaging in peaceful demonstration about the pertinent issues that are affecting our lives each and every day. Furthermore, We Are Change is a non-partisan independent media organisation comprised of patriot journalists working to hold those engaging in activities that do not represent the wishes of “We the People” - by asking the hard questions that the controlled mainstream media refuses to do.

We seek to expose the fraud of the left/right paradigm and reveal that the world truly functions on a top/down hierarchy that threatens to destroy free society as we know it. We Are Change works to educate, motivate, and activate those striving to uncover the truth behind the private banking cartel of the military industrial complex that is actively seeking to eliminate national sovereignty and replace it with a "one world order."

We Are Change also seek an uncompromising and independent investigation into the crimes of 9-11, with subpoena power granted to obtain a long-overdue resolution for the survivors and families of the deceased. We reject the official explanation of the events leading up to, during and after the attacks of September 11th, 2001 as well as the fear-based politics and state mandated propaganda being disseminated by the Corporate Media which has facilitated the cover-up of 9-11.

As we establish citizens groups throughout the country and world, we wish to inspire a community of truth-seekers and peacemakers through creative campaigns with a commitment of nonviolence. We Are Change is not so much a group but an idea, an idea that “We the People" are the vehicles of these "ideas" and of the freedoms, liberties, and truths we are seeking all across the globe. An idea that captures the spirits of our forefathers who just desired freedom; that together, as residents of this planet, we grow like a snowball of truth and justice rolling down a mountain of tyranny growing bigger and stronger, recognizing the beauty in our differences and the diverseness of each other, but at the same time strengthening our cause because we learn and grow from each others individuality. Then as we learn to come together, that as one, you, me, him, her, us…will realise that WE ARE CHANGE.

What kind of bomb can do this?

24 September 2008 | Permalink | comments: 0

Categories: [ 9/11 Truth Movement ]

more photos here:

Marriott Hotel Islamabad - Crater

According to news reports the Marriott Hotel blast was produced by 600kg of high quality explosives packed into a lorry. The crater is 6m deep and the devastation appears to cover a very wide area.

Although it is unusual for truck bombs to leave craters like this, the blast crater is reminiscent of a number of high profile bomb blasts over the past few years, such as the Bali Bombing and the Harriri assassination.

Looking at the size of the crater, this seems much larger than the massive Sari Night Club blast. The inside of the hotel is completely destroyed. It is hard to believe that anyone could have survived, which leads one to speculate that the death toll may be higher than the official 53. The attack is of course blamed on "Al Qaeda", but clearly there is advanced military technology at work here.

One suspects that the Cheney war camp is fed up with Pakistan's drift towards democracy.

Black propaganda targets 9/11 Truth

23 September 2008 | Permalink | comments: 0

Categories: [ 9/11 Truth Movement ]

Black propaganda is false material where the source is disguised. It is propaganda that purports to be from a source on one side of a conflict, but is actually from the opposing side. It is typically used to vilify, embarrass or misrepresent the enemy.

James Corbett
21 September 2008

Internet censorship is once again in the news after legendary YouTube user Nuffrespect posted a new video detailing the latest online attack on 9/11 Truth: a user who is creating clones of respected user accounts and truth movement leaders in order to smear 9/11 Truth by posting racist comments. These have already led to the deletion of several well-known accounts in what has been revealed as a coordinated effort to eliminate 9/11 Truth from YouTube.

This is in addition to the news that YouTube deleted a number of videos and accounts last week at the behest of Senator Joe Lieberman.

That CNET admits these videos were removed as a direct result of Lieberman's staff's request is significant, as it was Lieberman who has been urging YouTube to take down "radicalizing" terrorist propaganda since May of this year to bring it into compliance with H.R. 1955, a bill that is currently awaiting approval by the Senate and which would criminalize all dissent of the government. That H.R. 1955 will specifically target the 9/11 Truth community is made obvious by a presentation made to the House Homeland Security Subcommittee in 2007 on "Terrorism and the Internet" which actually listed 9/11 Truth sites alongside terrorist jihad sites as examples of terrorist propaganda on the internet.

At first, YouTube executives made a show of standing up to Lieberman and his tyrannical dictates. "While we respect and understand his views, YouTube encourages free speech and defends everyone's right to express unpopular points of view," a message posted on YouTube said at the time.

Evidently that was mere PR and GooTube—bought out by Google last year—is now showing its roots as a spook-infested CIA front that functions as a virtual branch of government. Now with no warning and little fanfare, they have silently started implementing the government's agenda of taking 9/11 Truth and other forms of dissent off of the premiere video-sharing site.

All of this comes on the heels of numerous blows to free speech on the internet over the preceeding weeks. At the beginning of September, Comcast—America's second-largest internet provider—announced it would set a hard bandwidth limit on its customers in a move that will limit the ability of users to exchange large amounts of data. This of course sets the precedent for other providers to follow suit and it may not be long before the major internet providers are able to squeeze customers' ability to exchange information on the internet in the name of cutting down on bandwidth usage.

Also this month, reports emerged of a shadowy United Nations group known as "Q6/17" which is working with China and the NSA to develop a system to trace the source of all internet communications. Of course, as the linked article points out, such a feature would be useless as all serious hacking attempts these days rely on spoofed addresses in the first place and such traceback features are likely to be used by the very people they are designed to detect. But perhaps creating chaos on an internet that is increasingly becoming an overglorified wiretap is itself part of a much larger plan.

Indeed, the myriad ways in which the internet is under attack is too large to list in one article, but some more ideas of just how 9/11 Truth and free speech on the internet in general is being suppressed may be gleaned from the video below:

Brussels 9/11 Truth March - Video

22 September 2008 | Permalink | comments: 0

Categories: [ 9/11 Truth Movement ]

This is the Nuoviso Filmproduktion snippet from the Brussels march with englisch subtitles. The source is from


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Recent Comments

It is a pity I cannot upload photographs to this blog, as I took 4 today at midday showing two distinct chemtrails at about 10,000 feet near our home at Enoggera near Brisbane, which were about 2,000 feet above some scattered fair weather cumulus cloud which appeared to be building toward a normal afternoon storm. The ground temperature was 25 degrees Celsius which means that the temperature could only have been about 15 degrees Celsius at 10,000 feet which is nowhere near cold enough for contrails to form, especially on a hot day with otherwise almost clear skies and a relatively dry atmosphere, i.e. low humidity.

As we are within the controlled airspace of the Brisbane International Airport it is clear to me that the aircraft had to have had an Air Traffic clearance to be where they were, doing what they were doing.

Anybody who would like a copy of the photographs please advise me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and I will happily send them on.

I ain’t joshin’ you.

By Leonard Clampett on 2012 11 28 - 17:40:11
From the entry 'Contrails dissipate quickly whereas chemtrails linger?'.

There was a post, I think it was made by Skywatcher, which linked a piece from the Daily Mail:

The story was reported widely as you would expect from on that uncovers a “secret radioactive spraying project”.

The researcher’s original paper contains this paragraph about the radioactive substance ( on pg. 46):

The material (claimed to be zinc cadmium sulfide) that was sprayed by the Stanford labs in the St. Louis study was referred to internally as “FP2266”. FP2266 was manufactured by the New Jersey Zinc Company and the United States Radium Corporation. The United States Radium Corporation, located in New Jersey, had been in legal hot water decades prior, for producing luminescent paint that was used by girls and young female factory workers to paint watch dials in the 1920s. The young women were instructed to lick the paint-brushes prior to painting the hands onto the watches, in order to refine the point of the brush. As a result, the radioactive material in the paint sickened and killed many of the young women (Frame: 1). Radium 226 was mixed with zinc sulfide to make the radioactive powder that the workers used to paint the watch dials, and the compound was used in manufacturing until the 1970s (Frame: 1). It is unknown if “FP2266” was also known as or incorporated Radium 226, the radioactive radium product produced by United States Radium Corporation

The bottom line is that the addition of a radioactive component to the ‘tagging’ material is only an assumption, based on the substance’s name.

Zinc cadmium sulfide was used because it is fluorescent. It glows in UV light which makes the detection of even tiny amounts possible.
The “glow-in-the-dark” effect in combination with radioactive additives was not needed and would even have been conspicuous. Also, the radioactive particles would have to have been “glued” to the other materials to stimulate the light emission.

Of course, it was bad enough to spray a toxic substance on unsuspecting citizens, even if there was no radioactivity involved. No question about that.

By Josh on 2012 11 20 - 08:57:29
From the entry 'Contrails dissipate quickly whereas chemtrails linger?'.

Wayne Hall said:

“the Suffolk County Legislature in New York State at a hearing on geoengineering last year was persuaded by the arguments of chemtrails activists”

That is quite a stretch. I recommend reading the protocol of the final hearing when the legislation failed:

One legislator remarked (pg. 29):

this was a very poorly drafted piece of legislation, and it’s a shame that it gave people false hope.

And the Health Commissioner’s speaker had this regarding ‘toxic spraying’:

aluminum is a very common part of the earth, it’s 8% of the earth’s crust. It’s very possible a lot of sources emit these compounds in small quantities.

Given what they had learned during the hearing (the Space Shuttle was spraying too!) they probably just tried to be friendly to the group.

BTW, the Long Island Skywatcher have removed all references about that legislation attempt from their site:

By Josh on 2012 11 17 - 10:26:16
From the entry 'Contrails dissipate quickly whereas chemtrails linger?'.

I said:

“Historical events showing careless or evil actions by governments and the military.”

Skywatcher said:

“not circumstantial, documented proven admitted”

You are right, I chose the wrong word: “circumstantial” makes no sense here. The meaning should be “unrelated, with no causal connection”.

I have no doubt that the historical events I referred to are proven and documented. They just don’t explain anything about jet trails.

I have doubt about the chemical analyses brought up as evidence, but even if they were correct, there was no evidence that the findings were in any way related to jet trails six miles above. Too many other possible causes.

By Josh on 2012 11 17 - 04:31:06
From the entry 'Contrails dissipate quickly whereas chemtrails linger?'.

NOTICE: Membership is now required to post comments on TNRA.

You can sign-in or register here:

Thanks for your support!

By Hereward Fenton on 2012 11 17 - 01:18:30
From the entry 'Contrails dissipate quickly whereas chemtrails linger?'.

Skywatcher said:

“all youve managed so far, is that contrails exist”

Persistent contrails exist, as on the 1944 photo from London.

There is no evidence that some or all of them are actually spraying of chemicals.

By Josh on 2012 11 17 - 00:41:59
From the entry 'Contrails dissipate quickly whereas chemtrails linger?'.

Wayne Hall said:

“I asked the self-appointed judge Josh Jackson ...”

Just for the record: that’s not me.

By Josh on 2012 11 17 - 00:08:24
From the entry 'Contrails dissipate quickly whereas chemtrails linger?'.

What will the transhumanists think of you trying to lure supporters with GIRLS?????  (In the heyday of the Left that used to be called ‘horizontalrecruitment!)

Don’t you realize that human reproduction has to be INDUSTRIALIZED?

By Wayne Hall on 2012 11 16 - 21:46:50
From the entry 'Contrails dissipate quickly whereas chemtrails linger?'.

you can even read more about the scourge of chemtrails at aussie beach tv! ( lol )

  “Aussie Beach TV” is a new independent, alternative, citizen media project hosted by the most beautiful girls in Australia. You will find us on the streets and beaches of Australian towns, communicating with the Australian public on a daily basis. We are currently auditioning girls to become street/beach reporters and camera girls at YOUR VENUE!

  Are you sick of the corporate controlled, mainstream media feeding you spin, lies and disinformation? Aussie Beach TV are dedicated to bringing you the news that gets swept under the rug. We vow to show you the other side of the coin and to go to the streets and beaches of Australia and ask real Aussies what they think and feel.


By agin mee on 2012 11 16 - 20:31:31
From the entry 'Contrails dissipate quickly whereas chemtrails linger?'.

Speaking of judges, the Suffolk County Legislature in New York State at a hearing on geoengineering last year was persuaded by the arguments of chemtrails activists, and had to fall back on the position that county legislation cannot override US Federal legislation.

By Wayne Hall on 2012 11 16 - 20:18:07
From the entry 'Contrails dissipate quickly whereas chemtrails linger?'.