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Chemtrails: a closer look

April 29, 2010, part 1 of 1.
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30 April 2010


In tonight's show we start with some breaking news in relation to climate change and internet censorship, with the announcement that the government has back-flipped in both of these policy areas. We interpret this as a victory for the grass roots truth and justice movements!

In part 2 we return to a perplexing subject which has generated a great deal of discussion at

What are those white trails in the sky? Is it a government conspiracy? Are they poisoning us? Is it geo-engineering? Is it weather modification? Or is it just harmless water vapour?

John Bursill, aircraft engineer, returns to TNRA to grapple with these questions.

For those who are chemtrail "believers" this show may be a disappointment. Our research has not come up with any tangible evidence that this is anything other than a natural phenomenon caused by factors such as air temperature and humidity. We also note that those who promote the chemtrail theory have been unable to get any experts on side with their ideas, and they also fail to produce evidence (other than photos of contrails) to support their claims. We note that measuring the amount of barium in a water supply tells is nothing about where that barium came from, and the use of such measurements as evidence is scientifically worthless.

If you disagree with our findings please present your evidence in a rational, scientific manner and we will give it our attention!

Thanks for listening (:

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Do you think if we hard hard proof they would be still doing this ? When that happens we have it on them. <br>Commercial jets are not used Johnny. Why would they, to much risk. Sounds like John doesn’t like any other opinion or reason, why repeat a show with him again.<br>Guy’s you left out the Haarp machine needing these trails and the Haarp exists.<br>Also my daughter put into ICU for 7 days is not my imagination and they couldn’t explain where the illness came from.

By Damian on 2010 04 30 - 12:56:56

John Bursill *(Sounds)* like he wants to play down the deadly problem of government aerosol poisoning/spraying that has obviously come to Australia. Now i am not saying he is a disinfo agent or anything along conspiracy lines, I am just saying as he sure too a lot of time downplaying science and containually cgoing on and on about how con trails.<br><br>But who am I to know, lets hear it from <br><br>by G. Edward Griffin<br><br>July 7, 2004 <br><br>“I cannot claim that any of the Internet sources of information on this topic are totally reliable. However, based on my own observations of these sky trails, it is my opinion that they are not ice crystals from contrails. Contrails can be seen almost every day, and they are characterized by short, narrow plumes that rapidly dissipate about a half-mile behind the planes. I have captured numerous video shots of these little plumes as they follow their planes across the sky. Chemtrails, however, are very different. They billow from horizon to horizon and gradually feather out to fill the entire sky with haze that lingers all day and well into the night where they can be seen still filtering light from the moon. It is amazing to me how so many people fail to discern the obvious difference between these two types of formations.”<br><br>He is just one of hundreds. <br><br>What is going on, Hereward?

By Brisbane Girl on 2010 04 30 - 14:26:42

I have no evidence to quote as yet or researched it much at all however it’d be silly to conclude that the powers that be don’t poison our skies when they do with our food, water and vaccines. Somehow the skies are safe?? C’mon.<br><br>Geo-engineering needs to be seriously looked at.

By Matt Anderson on 2010 04 30 - 17:48:08

Brisbane Girl, what is going on is that G. Edward Griffin is talking nonsense. He is merely describing atmospheric conditions which are conducive to cirrus cloud formation. <br><br>Griffin is speaking from ignorance. His claims about contrails are not based on a clear understanding of atmospheric physics.<br><br>The tendency of the contrail to billow out into a cloud is determined by atmospheric conditions. <br><br>Have you ever seen clouds form? It’s mysterious. They appear out of nothing. In the space of a few hours the sky can go from clear blue to overcast - even WITHOUT planes!!!<br><br>That’s called weather (:

By Hereward on 2010 04 30 - 21:57:32

I’ve just listened to Hererewood, Josh, (with John Bursill)‘s latest show. It really gave me the SHITS. Have I got your attention? Good. It gave me the shits because it only lasted for 1 hour. I was enjoying it so much as I walked for miles on this beautiful autumn day, listening to the informative, inspiring & witty repartee on my much loved iPod.  So when the shos finished I was PISSED OF. Another ANNOYING thing about Herewood’s shows is their infrequency. This causes problems because the shows are addictive.  I have to wait for a whole week untill I can download my next TNRA episode.  So come on boys lift your game! We need a show every night.  All you need is some billionaire who loves your show to set you all up on $100,000 per year to make it happen.  You will compete with *Late Nite Live*!  regards, grumpy old man (aged 65 who now has more hope for the future by becoming aware of young people who are so swithced on!).

By gas4gaza on 2010 05 01 - 12:26:15

I will feel less concerned about unusual contrails after listening to John Bursill talking about the difficulty of installing a delivery system or adding something to the fuel without someone being aware of it. But this episode has only scratched the surface in terms of investigating this “myth”.<br><br>Maybe someone in an area considered to be frequently chemtrailed could have random samples of fuel analyzed. There might be an existing study around about contrail formation that explains what the right atmospheric conditions have to be.<br>Failing that, someone who owns a commercial airliner (John Travolta is all that comes to mind) could run a series of tests including flying at the same time and path as a “chemtrailing” aeroplane and comparing the contrails created with various additives in the fuel.

By Mark on 2010 05 02 - 09:44:03

Hello all,<br><br>Don’t worry I won’t mentioned Chemtrails again…and by the way that’s not a word as yet:)<br><br>Children’s sickness is a big concern and I hope your child feels better now? Best you find out what caused the problem rather than imagining what it was, otherwise you won’t find a solution…<br><br>GEG does go a bit of the rails sometimes I saw him promoting Icke on FB, he (or his staff) took it down after I complained…I was probably not the only one… He is great man but not a scientist to be sure:)<br><br>I don’t think that they would use commercial planes to spray us, that’s what the Chemtrailers say…yes and it is ridiculous..thanks for pointing that out, but please don’t point at a commercial plane and say it’s Contrail is a Chemtrail…thanks!<br><br>Regards John<br><br>PS - Seriously you don’t have to worry about me talking about Chemtrials again:) I’m am keeping my nose out from now on…good luck!

By John Bursill on 2010 05 02 - 10:52:31

I did not hear all of the broadcast regarding chemtrails (or contrails) but I must say that, of the portion I did hear, John Bursill was exhibiting all the bully boy tactics that he abhors receiving from the 9 / 11 official conspiracy theory believers.  This was meant to be a conversation not a one-sided view with no tolerance to an alternate view - with the added outbursts of expletives from John Bursill and deriding of those who may seriously believe the theory of chemtrails as being stupid or idiots.  One would have thought that response would have been his experience as a 9 / 11 truther and he would be sensitive to admonishing believers in the chemtrail theory in the same manner.  <br><br>This was definitely not one of your best conversations - merely for the fact that one of your contributors (John Bursill) lost control and, to my mind, then lost control of his argument.

By Sandra on 2010 05 03 - 10:48:43

Sandra:  I Agree 100%

By Brisbane Girl on 2010 05 03 - 11:32:57

Prince talks about Chemtrails on TV <br>Purple rain, purple rain. lol<br>

By Damian on 2010 05 03 - 14:15:00

Just on another topic. <br>Can we get a show on the spraying of our foods -<br>On sixty minutes this year -<br>Fruit and veges are supposed to be the healthy option. But what if we were to tell you that Australia’s fruit and vegetables are sprayed with chemicals that are considered so dangerous they’re banned around the world?<br><br>Liz Hayes spent a hellish few weeks, witnessing the effects of these poisons in other countries. And it’s a horror show.<br><br>Liz met a young man with no eyes, saw fish with two heads and trekked to a village full of horribly deformed children. And visited a farm on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast where the animals are dying.<br><br>Worst of all, the people who are supposed to be protecting us are pretending it’s not happening.

By Damian on 2010 05 03 - 14:52:04

It brings me much happiness to see so many people who are active and are striving for the truth.<br>Im 22years old from Sydney south west, me and a fair few of my friends have recently opened our eyes, ears, mouths and more importantly our minds to what is really happening in our current society.<br>Sadly chem trails only seem to be part of this endless pit of deciet that saturate our day to day lives.<br>Truly relising the extent of control and manipulation these people have over society (exluding those who know the truth) can easily lead to a sense of hopelessness and even depression.<br>As i said it brings me that little ray of light in a world covered in darkness that im forced to wonder, but im not alone.

By Dee on 2010 05 05 - 12:18:58

Can anyone explain why they leave a checkerboard in the sky sometimes ? And why do they suddenly stop and start again, or just suddenly start ?

By playtoh on 2010 05 05 - 20:46:48

Is there anyway to send up a private airplane or jet into the possible chemtrail and pick up a direct sample with a ground recorded visual confirmation of the plane releasing the chemical & the private plan picking up the sample???

By Brave Legend on 2010 05 06 - 04:38:18

Great broadcast, Re chemtrails Vs contrails, contrails receed or dissappear after a few minuets but chemtrails hang in the air and form quite unnattural ,thin cloud like stuff that hangs in the air,  Who do you trust Man Or God Ide rather see natural clouds in the sky above me than some chemical cocktail of whateva.<br>my sugesstion is to get alex jones to debate the gentleman who is obvioiusley a civilian , and possibly brainwashed,.. to keep his job ?  no offense meant but im against un natural stuff possibly being sprayed on my family and friends.  Thats just my iopinion. and gut feeling

By peter Dunn on 2010 05 07 - 07:50:03

Here is an interesting article -<br> Apology/

By Damian on 2010 08 16 - 13:12:44

No proof? Are you kidding? Denying this is like denying the earth is a sphere - it just can’t be done. It’s really saddening when a show called ‘Truth News’ isn’t telling the truth in this case. Australia - wake up.

By Joe on 2010 11 15 - 18:47:18

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By Maddison Cairns on 2010 12 07 - 16:34:59

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By zldguex on 2010 12 10 - 22:48:20

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By AnnieWhitfield on 2010 12 11 - 10:46:00

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Although I agree with many of their ideas, the forces reigned against RAM are too great, violent, statist and reactionary for them to remain a non-political, broad based, multi-ethnic, community protest group for much longer. The Left and their Antifa nihilist fellow travelers are already pushing them towards the extreme Right, by calling them racists and Islamophobes and so on. Whilst the extreme Right have aligned themselves with RAM. With fascists of the Left and Right pressuring them they will not be able to remain beyond the Left-Right divide and will inevitably move to the Right - the extreme Right. Which is already happening. A development which will alienate decent Australians of all ethnic backgrounds many of whom currently support them. 

The RAM leadership have already established open alliances with the Patriotic Front (the ape in the photograph is a Patriot Front supporter at a recent Richmond demonstration) Australia First and Golden Dawn, a Greek neo-Nazi party. Members of these collectivist groups are currently attending RAM demonstrations all over Australia.

There is a real need in Australia to establish a political movement beyond the Left-Right divide and their vested interests, a movement that questions the current direction Australia is heading i.e. the direction the Left/Right and their extremes would like to take it; that questions the efficacy of state sponsored multiculturalism, as opposed to a proper, non-discriminatory immigration policy; that questions the validity of political correctness; that is politically neutral, anti-war and pro environment; that is opposed to all collectivists ideologies (fascisms of the Left and Right); that would dismantle the power pyramids of corporations and banks and their ability to impact on government; that would dissolve all anti-terror laws and all laws that impose on the rights and freedom of the individual and the people.   

(The ape in the photograph is a Patriot Front supporter at a recent Richmond demonstration)

By Eugene Donnini on 2015 07 26 - 15:36:56
From the entry 'Dylann Roof: soldier in a new race war or just a pawn in the game?'.

Hello there I am so thrilled I found your web site, I really found you by error, while I was searching on Digg for something else, Anyways I am here now and would just like to say thanks for a incredible post and a all round thrilling blog (I also love the theme/design), I donÚčÖ have time to go through it all at the minute but I have bookmarked it and also included your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a lot more, Please do keep up the great work.

By Prova a Adidas Neutro Originals Nizza Nero Giallo on 2015 07 20 - 08:41:30
From the entry 'Statism, the greater good and the big lie'.

I second Keith’s assertion that Mike Holt from Restore Australia is very much a fake.  He bangs on about Halaal being a scam and money maker for Islam (and no I don’t support Halaal whatsoever), but makes excuses for its counterpart Kosher as being a somehow legitimate.  Double standards?  When I confronted him about this fact he went off on a convoluted tirade about Israel being some sort of “Bastion of Democracy” in the middle east…Really!, I will leave that one up to the readers to decide on.  I found that MH came across as disingenuous to say the least.

By Citizen Scorn on 2015 07 19 - 07:33:43
From the entry 'Restore Australia!'.

Without doubt, TNR is one of the best, if not the best alternative news source on the net. Which doesn’t mean Herewood is always right. His job, I believe, is to present the facts as he sees them as an objectively as possible, without fear or favor.  For this, he has my respect and support. But I believe he needs to be careful and to think a little deeper about the problems of “racism,” in Australia. He has labelled the Reclaim Australia Movement as racist. I’m wondering if his objectivity is a little weak on this point, a little without foundation.

Of course all political movements have its fringe groups and individuals. We make a distinction between, for example, a Muslim and a fundamentalist Muslim (Islamist), and by so doing we don’t claim that all Muslims are blood thirsty fanatics. If its good for the Muslims, then its good for RAM, which is bound to attract a few lunatics and real racists. But to brand the entire movement as “racist” is wrong; it is the same ploy that is used by the mainstream media and its left-wing, establishment Marxist boot boys.

One of the first things I noticed when i attended a RAM rally recently were the amount of non-white people in attendance, including Aboriginals. In fact the main banner of RAM contains an Australian flag and an Aboriginal flag. Speakers at their rallies have included Jews, Arabs, Indians, Aboriginals, Chinese and so on. What does this tell you? Is this really a fascist-Nazi-racist movement whose stated aim are the eradication and exclusion of other cultures, in place of some sort of Aussie white Reich, or is this just propaganda that is being propagated by the left for their own political interests. Consequently, we all know where the culmination of their politics have led, historically speaking, which are to the imposition of terror and dictatorships.

We can be thankful for small mercies, in terms of the Left, which today mostly tends to attract collectivists, establishmentarians and the privileged sons and daughters of the upper bourgeoisie, who seems to share one thing in common, nativity….

By Eugene on 2015 07 18 - 16:03:54
From the entry 'Dylann Roof: soldier in a new race war or just a pawn in the game?'.

Mike Holt from Restore Australia is very much a fake.  He hasn’t even been citizen for but a few years.  But, he makes out like he was born there.  ALSO - this guy spent 30 years in Thailand working shady businesses.  I would wager that his primary purpose in being an activist is that he wants to make money off selling merchandise.

By Keith on 2015 07 17 - 20:51:15
From the entry 'Restore Australia!'.

good to see you putting out some new shows heraward

freely the banana girl is to a certain extent a troll, as is her boyfriend durian rider. they have been trolling the fitness community on youtube for some time… and yes they are extreme but they are also trolls. They use their trolling to spread their message. currently, another dude called vegangains is trolling the fitness community as well.

i am a vegetarian, and it was seeing this documentary on the pork industry that started me on the vegetarian path. for anyone interested, its pretty off the charts disturbing and its australian as well. its pretty much made by dudes breaking into pork farms and filming what they find

Would the world be better if people cared where their food came from? probably, they might then care about other things too

do you become a better person if you dont eat meat? i feel like a better person mainly because animals aren’t being hurt because of me. i dont feel humans have to eat meat really… or at least not much. How can you watch that documentary on pork, know that that is pretty much whats going on and turn a blind eye to it? I think its basic empathy and just saying well ‘i like bacon so yeah’ is in my opinion wrong and i can see freleys point of view to an extent. In my opinion, at least these people believe in something. i see my money as my vote, henceforth im ethical as to what i do with it. free range eggs became mainstream for exactly this reason… although im pretty sure woolies and coles lobbied the state to change the definition of the word ‘free range’ at some point. I dont eat beef because the amount of resources that go into growing a cow are pretty crazy. Think about how much grass that cow needs to eat before it is harvested and how much space it requires. think of how many vegies you could grow in the same space with the same amount of water. lamb? comon, think about what your doing here… but that being said i think most vegans are total loons. People like freeley should be advocating for the destruction of lions and tigers, as lions and tigers murder other animals in truly horrific style. if we humans are smart enough to not harm animals, then we should be stopping the animals that harm other animals from existing. Freeley also kills birds when she flies in aeroplanes so she is a hypocrite.

feminism is one of the biggest problems in society today and although there is some valid historical basis to it, the liberation of the human female from their biology is in my opinion largely a product of the technological advance of humans. sufferagettes where never machine gunned on the streets, unlike the men that where drafted and sent off to war to die just a few years earlier. as technology has advanced, women have advanced as well, however now its going way too far and is pretty blatantly anti male in many respects. i view feminism in its modern context as a tool of the social marxists that really isnt doing society a great deal of good at this time. its screwing up gender dynamics and is wrecking women and men for each other. i see it as low frequency, lowest common denominator idiocy, just like a lot of the the race baiting ‘is this racist’ stuff getting around that is being perpetuated pretty much as a distraction, divide and conquer strategy by the power elite. idiots love this kind of bicker and beef… it would be funny if it wasn’t so serious


I agree with steven friar. gods a maniac

good show… keep making them

By r0Kb3B0p on 2015 07 14 - 21:05:32
From the entry 'Addictions, obsessions, fanaticisms and distractions'.

Really truthfull.

By OZE on 2015 07 07 - 16:56:36
From the entry 'Defending your personal health choices'.

Yeah sure authority aware.

By OZE on 2015 07 07 - 16:28:55
From the entry 'What is the future of Australia?'.

Stay tuned for more rules here as usually is the case!!!

By OZE on 2015 07 07 - 16:21:50
From the entry 'Mass media disinformation and brainwashing dissected'.

Almost two months since the last broadcast! How the hell can you expect people to donate when you don’t broadcast? Looks like the ship of truth has sprung a leak. This broadcast has been part of my life almost since its inception…it is one of the few alternative news sources that hasn’t gone off the deep end, by dilution credible information with crap e.g. Fairdinkum Radio and Info Wars…Pittard started FR with some incredibly interesting material, but then he flipped…Today he sounds like a fundamentalist preacher, the Christian equivalent to a Fanatical Islamist. As an atheist, I think he’s really ###### up a potentially good show. As for Info Wars, all they would have to do to improve is dump Alex Jones, what a shit-for-brains. I reckon Jones and Pittard are allowed to proliferate, because they’re so stupid and harmless. I suppose they have some entertainment value, and along with David Icke are living examples of how low the alternative media has sunk. Truth News Radio is, or should I say was, way ahead of them all ahead of them all in terms of credibility How sad that its come to this.

By Eugene on 2015 06 28 - 17:28:56
From the entry 'Introducing Mark Zuckerberg's free 'private' internet which will soon be rolled out to 4 billion+ people'.