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DNA Breathing Dynamics in the Presence of a Terahertz Field

29 April 2012 (Original: 2012-04-28) | Source | Permalink | comments: 1
By B. S. Alexandrov, V. Gelev, A. R. Bishop, A. Usheva, K. O. Rasmussen

Categories: [ Full Body Scanners ]

A scientific study on the effects of terahertz radiation (used in some body scanner imaging systems).


We consider the influence of a terahertz field on the breathing dynamics of double-stranded DNA. We model the spontaneous formation of spatially localized openings of a damped and driven DNA chain, and find that linear instabilities lead to dynamic dimerization, while true local strand separations require a threshold amplitude mechanism. Based on our results we argue that a specific terahertz radiation exposure may significantly affect the natural dynamics of DNA, and thereby influence intricate molecular processes involved in gene expression and DNA replication.

Subjects:  Biological Physics (; Computational Physics (physics.comp-ph)
Journal reference:  Physics Letters A, Volume 374, Issue 10, 2010

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Sweaty armpits could trigger airport scanners

24 April 2012 | Source | Permalink | comments: 1
By Annabel Hepworth

Categories: [ Full Body Scanners ]

FULL-BODY scanners being introduced at Australia's eight international airports could be triggered by sweaty armpits and a passenger's posture, a counter-terrorism unit has warned.

In German trials of the body-scanning technology, false alarms were recorded and sweaty armpits were among the culprits, slowing down departure lanes, according to Tasmania's Department of Police and Emergency Management.

"There are already long delays at airports, so this issue needs to be addressed," the unit says in a submission to a Senate committee inquiring into the millimetre-wave body scanners.

Germany ditched the scanners after too many false alarms but they are in use in some parts of Europe and the US.

The Australian Airline Pilots Association has raised similar concerns about the potential for false positives and has said it wants screening with the machines to be voluntary.

A spokeswoman for Infrastructure and Transport Minister Anthony Albanese defended the technology.

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Are airport body scanners safe? Radiation expert Dr. John Moulder to give lecture

24 April 2012 (Original: 2012-04-17) | Source | Permalink | comments: 0
By UW-Milwaukee

Categories: [ Full Body Scanners ]

An expert in the health risks of human exposure to radiation will speak at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) about airport whole-body scanners on May 4.

Hosted by the UWM Department of Physics, Dr. John Moulder of the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) will address the considerable public concern about possible health effects posed by the backscatter X-ray and millimeter-wave radar whole-body scanners that are used at many airports.

The free event begins at 8 p.m. in the Physics building, 1900 E. Kenwood Blvd., room 137.

As the summer travel season begins, Dr. Moulder will discuss the research showing that these scanners pose only negligible radiation risks if used as intended. However, he will also outline the difficulty in proving their safety using publicly accessible data that shields information on the machinery’s specifications and methods of measurement.

He makes the argument that more openness is needed, as is independent review and regulation. Publicly accessible, and preferably peer-reviewed, evidence is needed that the units (not just the prototypes) meet widely accepted safety standards.

Moulder is professor and director of radiation biology at MCW, and holds two advanced degrees from Yale University. There will be time for discussion and questions after the presentation.

Target offers 3D body scanner to measure customers

24 April 2012 (Original: 2012-04-23) | Source | Permalink | comments: 0
By Amy Wilson-Chapman and Anna Vlach

Categories: [ Full Body Scanners ]

TARGET has a new employee - a 3D body scanner - charged with making sure clothes fit better.

TARGET body scanner

The national retailer is spending $1 million on the technology that will measure the dimensions of 20,000 men and women as part of a national survey to update their designs.

Perth shoppers will be able step into the scanner from May 25 to 29 in the company's Whitfords store.

Target managing director Dene Rogers said customers were frustrated and confused by inconsistent sizing. It was the main reason clothes were returned.

"By taking 60 seconds to come and be scanned consumers will not only find out their exact measurements, they'll be helping Target find out what size Australians really are today so that we can make clothes that really fit," Mr Rogers said.

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How Full-Body Scanners Work – and Fail

24 March 2012 (Original: 2010-11-16) | Source | Permalink | comments: 2
By Hans

Categories: [ Full Body Scanners ]

TSA has been introducing full-body scanners to perform a virtual strip search of air travelers. Although technically travelers have the right to opt out, the TSA discourages this behavior with aggressive and invasive pat-down searches. Initially, TSA denied punitive pat-down searches. Then they acknowledged testing a “more aggressive pat-down technique.” TSA began a more widespread implementation of this tactic at the beginning of November, and TSA agents have reportedly been quite open about that fact that the “enhanced” pat-down searches are specifically aimed to be so offensive as to coerce passengers into the scanners. In a blog post otherwise bluntly supportive of full-body scanning (the title, “Shut Up And Get In The Scanner,” gives a good idea of the tone of the writing), one former TSA screener writes:

It is a terror tactic by TSA to get you to walk through the more thorough body scanner.  I can’t defend TSA on this one.  I have talked to the TSA officers and it is no more effective than the old pat down procedure.  They tested it out with trainers and each other.  It is purely a terror tactic by TSA.

Other bloggers (with sharper tongues and stronger stomachs than I) have exhaustively documented the steaming mass of epic fail that is the TSA’s new policy. The aim of this post is to explain how full-body scanners work – and fail.

There are two kinds of full-body scanners: those based on backscatter X-ray technology and those based on millimeter wave technology.

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Total Body Scam? — Taking your money and freedom, (and coming to Australia too)

24 March 2012 (Original: 2012-03-23) | Source | Permalink | comments: 1
By Joanne Nova

Categories: [ Full Body Scanners ]

Was it just me? Was I the only one who noticed a tiny announcement in February that Airport Scanners were coming to Australia, the land where terrorists haven’t landed (yet), and … wait for it… there would be no (NO!) — opt — out– clause. Did I hear that correctly?

And the crowd roared (about the cricket), nobody said a word about the scanners, and the ten libertarians left who can bear to watch the ABC were too busy trying to save the nation from nastier threats. Australia is getting millimeter wave scanners at International Airports, and if you don’t want to be scanned, you need to leave the country… by boat. (Either that or swim with the crocs across the Timor Sea.)

Body scanner blind spotWith no opt out clause, what happens when the first person facing deportation refuses to be scanned? Well that’s all right then, we’ll just book them on a cruise to Kandahar? Civil Liberties Australia was one of the few to speak up. Maybe those scanners are safe? Maybe? But at least one man with a pacemaker says Australia is off his holiday list now. Can someone find the peer reviewed research showing there are no long term effects on the unborn?

There’s also the catch that if any terrorist has a computer with an internet connection, they probably know how to get guns past the scanners.

Then a nice man named Tony wrote to me asking if I liked his graphic (below), and I did. Do admire the powerful communication tool here (it’s worth a look). The only thing it lacked was to tell us non-US folk that the TSA stood for the Transportation Security Administration.

Once upon a time it took months to get to Australia, the ships had no GPS, sometimes not even an engine, and the in-non-flight food gave you scurvy. People died, no one had travel insurance, and before WWII even a blister could kill you.

Brace yourself, how things have changed. Travel in the satellite era is so dangerous now, it takes 62,000 employees to make it safe (just in the USA). Of those, nearly 4,000 are based in the Washington DC headquarters of the TSA. The average salary of those desk-based public servants in the regulating class is … $104,000. That’s average?

Here in Australia our airport scanning scheme is supposed to cost $28 million.

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Pay the TSA $100 protection money to avoid scanning and pat downs

21 March 2012 | Source | Permalink | comments: 1

Categories: [ Full Body Scanners ]

Hate the full-body scans, pat-downs and slow going at TSA airport security screening checkpoints? For $100, you can now bypass the hassle.

The Transportation Security Administration is rolling out expedited screening at big airports called "Precheck." It has special lanes for background-checked travelers, who can keep their shoes, belt and jacket on, leave laptops and liquids in carry-on bags and walk through a metal detector rather than a full-body scan. The process, now at two airlines and nine airports, is much like how screenings worked before the Sept. 11 attacks.

To qualify, frequent fliers must meet undisclosed TSA criteria and get invited in by the airlines. There is also a backdoor in. Approved travelers who are in the U.S. Customs and Border Protection's "Global Entry" program can transfer into Precheck using their Global Entry number.

"It's a completely different experience than what you're used to," said Matt Stegmeir, a platinum-level Delta Air Lines frequent flier who was invited into Precheck when it opened at his home airport, Minneapolis-St. Paul. Besides zipping through security screening quickly and easily, Mr. Stegmeir noticed another difference: TSA agents at the Precheck lane are usually smiling.

"It's really a jarring contrast. It reminds you just how much of a hassle the security procedures in place really are," he said.

Global Entry has been extremely popular with frequent international travelers. Approved travelers get to use a kiosk to enter the country rather than waiting in often-long lines to get their passports stamped and go through Customs inspection.

Consider that in January at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, the average wait in line was 35 minutes between 4 and 5 p.m., and the longest wait was 137 minutes. The wait at Terminal 1 at New York's Kennedy International Airport averaged 44 minutes in January for people arriving between 10 and 11 a.m. Enrolling requires a $100 application fee for a background check, plus a brief interview with a Customs officer.

For domestic travel, Global Entry pays off because it gets you into Precheck. Once TSA announced in the fall that enrollment in Global Entry and CBP's other "trusted travel" programs (Nexus for frequent travel across the Canadian border and Sentri for frequent travel across the Mexican border) would get you into Precheck, applications for Global Entry took off.

In February, for example, 26,602 people applied, more than triple the number of applications in February 2011, according to CBP. And February applications were up 42% from January as more and more travelers catch on.

"We want as many people as possible in the program," said John Wagner, CBP's executive director of admissibility and passenger programs.

TSA says it also wants as many people as possible in Precheck, which is still in pilot-testing phase. Both agencies say the programs can enhance screening of people they know nothing about if they can move low-risk people who submit to background checks out of the main queues.

"We can reduce the size of the haystack when we are looking for that one-in-a-billion terrorist," said TSA Administrator John Pistole.

Mr. Pistole, an FBI veteran who took over TSA in 2010, said that by studying frequent-flier histories as well as conducting background checks, he's confident the U.S. now has the technology and the intelligence information to make less-rigorous, faster screening work. TSA has been trying to move to more "risk-based" security—something critics have suggested for many years.

Once in Precheck, TSA still checks names against terrorism watch lists before every flight, just as it does for other travelers. If a passenger is cleared for Precheck screening, a code is embedded in a traveler's boarding pass.

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Stop CSG Rally video report - Government fails people of NSW

17 March 2012 | Permalink | comments: 0
By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ Coal Seam Gas ]

Truth News covers the stop CSG Rally at Parliament House NSW, 15 March 2012.

In the morning a motion was put to the NSW Upper House by Jeremy Buckingham of the Greens – to place a moratorium on all coal seam gas (CSG) projects in the state, other than the Camden production field. It was lost 16-19, with the Coalition, Shooters and Fishers and Christian Democrats against; and Labor and The Greens in favour.

In the afternoon a petition with over 20,000 signatures was presented in Parliament.

Protesters assembled outside Parliament at 4:00pm, then entered the building to continue their peaceful protest. After barely 10 minutes, the protesters were ejected from Parliament, allegedly because of the wording on their T-shirts.

Report from Stop CSG Illawarra follows:

Thursday March 15 2012 was a big day for the coal seam gas issue in our state parliament.

In the morning a motion was put to the NSW Upper House by Jeremy Buckingham of the Greens – to place a moratorium on all coal seam gas (CSG) projects in the state, other than the Camden production field. It was lost 16-19, with the Coalition, Shooters and Fishers and Christian Democrats against; and Labor and The Greens in favour.

In the afternoon it was the turn of our petition, YOUR petition, to be debated. Over 20,000 signed, calling on the Government to put in place an immediate moratorium on all CSG projects; a royal commission into the full impacts of CSG; and an immediate ban on fracking. Gareth Ward and Lee Evans spoke against, and Ryan Park and John Robertson spoke in favour. You can view the “debate” video (including its descent into chaos) in full online.

In both Houses Coalition members showed absolute contempt for the people of NSW. The Coalition called a moratorium irresponsible, saying that the Government must wait for more facts. But it is completely irresponsible to develop an industry before getting the facts.

Gareth Ward spoke against the petition – defending Coalition plans as adequate. Lee Evans spoke against the petition, then admitted to signing it. But he can’t have it both ways. He either stands with his community, and the 74% of people in NSW who support the call for a moratorium, or he tows the Coalition line and acts on behalf of the CSG industry. Yesterday, he chose the latter.

Actions speak louder than words. The Liberals opposed the petition. The Coalition voted down a moratorium. Barry O’Farrell did not even show up. CSG wells are being drilled in our drinking water catchment and the Government is not stopping it.

Yesterday, the vital role of community campaigns could not have been clearer. The Government is failing to act for the people of NSW; so we must. As the Coalition scrambles to defend the indefensible, we must launch a people’s moratorium and lock the industry out of our communities.

See you at the CSG Community Conference on Sunday March 25.


How Facebook is exterminating communities

15 March 2012 | Permalink | comments: 16
By Hereward Fenton

Categories: [ Crony Capitalism, Facebook ]

Ladies and gentlemen, I have been struggling (unsuccesfully) to get the new facebook timeline features to work in a reasonable way which suit the needs of this website, and I just want to let you all know that I've had enough!

I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more!

I've come to the conclusion that the Facebook ruling elite have decided to quietly exterminate their community pages, by forcing everyone (including fan pages and groups) over to the new publishing format which gives THEM more control and YOU less control.

Of course, this is sugar coated as such draconian changes always are, with superficially "nice" features such as a wider tab and a few token settings which give you the illusion of control.

But here is the bitter pill: as an admin of the TNRA page I can no longer control what users see - this is now managed by Facebook. THEY now decide is appropriate for each of us to see, based on our friends, our "likes" and our previous browsing choices.

They call this "personalizing" our user experience.

Don't be fooled! In reality they are CONTROLLING our user experience, under the cover of tailoring our view to a vacuous commercial construct of "personal preference".

Hyper "personalization", which facebook is forcing on us, is anathema to the very essence of community, which is about shared experience. It is more in keeping with modern consumer marketing practices, which use all kinds of psychologically manipulative tactics to get people to become attached to a BRAND.

Indeed, personalization is a great way of DESTROYING communities because it forces everyone into a scenario where all interactions are mediated by "Nanny Facebook", who "personalizes" what we see based on an involuntary algorithm which determines what is best for each of us.

Folks, it is time to LEAVE Facebook!

The CSG Exploration Permit that covers Sydney

15 March 2012 | Source | Permalink | comments: 1

Categories: [ Coal Seam Gas ]

In 2008, the NSW government under Labor granted Dart Energy a Petroleum Exploration Licence (PEL 463) to explore for CSG across 2400sqkm of the Sydney Basin - from Gosford on the Central Coast to Coalcliff south of Sydney. The first exploration well has been approved was for the inner city Sydney suburb of St Peters. On June 2, 2011 Stop CSG-Sydney provided Dart Energy with a list of questions related directly to their plans to drill in St Peters, based on the Review of Environmental Factors. Here's the list of questions and the responses (received 64 days later).

Dart Energy agreed to meet St Peters residents at St Peters Town Hall, Tuesday 16th of August 6pm. For those that couldn't make it visit You Tube or watch the video.

CSG mining is already destroying communities across NSW and QLD, so it is crucial we act now to stop csg drilling in St Peters.

So far we have rallied together, lobbied our politicians, held community information events, hosted a community forum to hear the City of Sydney plans for trigeneration (view the City Of Sydney response to our questions), screened the US documentary Gasland, letterboxed hundreds of homes, submitted a formal submission to the NSW Government Coal and Gas Strategy and more.

Over 200,000 people live, work and play within 2km of the gas exploration site in St Peters.


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Look mate, i’ve seen your site before and I can’t remember what exactly I liked on it. I thought from memory it was stuff about thought crime and Toben, but nope it’s not on there now.

Of course everything is true. Just google 60c nsw crimes act or see the updates on twitter at @gaysabovethelaw Forget making a website, I’m launching my own radio network after I have finished experimenting with youtube video editing to get out the message 6 months down the track, as I really need to wake up a lot of prolls to who Catherine Burn’s is and why she is corrupt to stop her becoming NSW Police commissioner before it’s too late. So my audience at least for the time being is basically the lowest common denominator. The best interview to “prove” stuff or to prove I have stuff would be the interview with Geoff McKee the guest from 2 weeks ago (who shouldn’t have come on!) on

The whole point I was making is that Brendan only sticks a camera in front of two jewish guys stalking him, and he gets 3 years jail. In my case I got a militant homosexual threatening to party to my NSW Police arranged gang rape in custody (on tape), who of course is dropping a senior police officer name on first contact. Low and behold he proves making anal rape threats is his “sthick” as Hereward would say last month, and for that I get accused of being a spammer. Well I got accused of being a spammer for criticizing the show about my brother’s death Hereward run based on one of my FB comments without even telling me he was going to do it. It’s not that I didn’t get airtime, the show peddled untruthes and myths about my brothers death - and it disgusts me. It always will. So I have seen the word spammer being used to tell someone to shut up, who has something VERY VALID to say. If someone does a radio show about your dead brother behind your back - and you pipe up about it the first time you are a SPAMMMER. The person who said that is a #$@$#!##

Low and behold this homosexual nutter is now being done for perjury for claiming he never made those rape threats against Russian’s like he did to me. So of course I escalated the matter to youtube / Russian Embassy / St Petersberg Police / Interpol / Australian courts for perjury jail/charges.
Gary Burn’s also got sued by an ex copper who was pushed out of the force by a gay lobby Brendon Ritson 7.5 who was blamed for a gay arrested in a Tranny bar (carrington hotel) bashing a gay Tranny - because Brendan said “you are screwing a bloke”. With the 4 grand I got him fined for a dodgey PVDO and the realization he can’t use VILIFICATION LAW to make a quick buck from my mate, he’s turned his sights onto John Laws for $100,000 PAY THE ELITE GAY CHECK.

Just today I took an Australian celebrity @lisalocks (Lisa Oldfield) off twitter as payback for arranging a hitpiece on my mate @SunolJohn for @garyburnsblog. Why? The self-professed #faghag (she used hashtag first) published “child abuse material” [for the benefit of her gay friends] I had a strange alliance with neighbours star @caitlinstasey who was in the movie Tomorrow when the war Began who has now launched the “Free The Nipple” campaign, that a bloke would call “Show us your tits”. Well Lisa Oldfield wasn’t happy about that nor was Bindi Irwin and it made all the celebrity rags from the BBC, to AU, NZ, South Africa. Lisa Oldfield thought she’d join the publicity and the hype, until Caitlin Stasey known for her wit on twitter exposed with me what Lisa Oldfield was showing….

I tried blogs, commercial blogs get censored. And if you have enemies as big as I do the only way to go is to DIY yourself on a cluster of VPSes. I pissed off @gaydads who have an illegal baby selling operation and with all their millions they can pay off who was hosting my site. Here’s an example of their milder threats against me that didn’t involve captioning Geoff McKee as a pedophile or threatening to kill everyone in my family as covered by a MAINSTREAM US BLOGGER with 500k followers on twitter.
(yes talking about me @gaysabovethelaw)

An attempt was made to link to @rsmcain (massive us blogger) story about me @gaysabovethelaw exposing @gaydads baby selling operation but someone else was paid off or believes that gay men should break Australian / UK surrogacy laws (no commercial surrogacy) and sell babies to gay men with no criminal checks whatsoever enabling all 100,000 boylovers dot net not even counting Namla to procure a human made from their own DNA for sex. their site under hetro surrogacy says single gay men dying of AIDS (that doesn’t exist H says???) can buy babies too - for the right price over 100,000 pounds. “Blacklisted link found”

Just don’t feed the “spammer” and he’ll stop saying why I was on target - I care alot about Vilification law that ends up only being used by nutjobs and evil people to silence those who call truth to power. Of course I am going to comment on an issue MORE that I care lots about, and not comment on pretty much most other issues on this site.

By sore ears unmasked on 2014 06 29 - 06:20:29
From the entry 'Meet Brendon O'Connell, Australia's first political prisoner'.

Spammer cant handle the fact that we got his message spammed message over and over down this page. blog sites are free and will gain you more ground. go get one. or email me .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with stuff you can prove 100% and I’ll expose you to my six visitors a day. How about you add to the topic here. What do you think about Mr O’Connell?

By sore ears on 2014 06 29 - 03:31:31
From the entry 'Meet Brendon O'Connell, Australia's first political prisoner'.

I keep getting email alerts on the thread update. When i check, it’s just the same guy repeating his same off topic stuff over and over. We go your message. Mate move on.

By sore ears on 2014 06 28 - 21:31:06
From the entry 'Meet Brendon O'Connell, Australia's first political prisoner'.

Good morning,
I was recommeended to talk to you about RF radiation by Dr Johnathon Duffy after a consultation.
I would like to make contact with you to further investigate findings I have made re the effect thereof on the PH level balance and causing excessive acid buildup over time.
I have been involved with research into Radio frequency reaearch since 1948.
I have designed a device which returns the body to an immune level within a week and much more.
I had a kidney removed with a 3 cm cancer 5 years ago.
Since then I have been doing research into why RF energy generates excessive body acid.
My PH level today is 7.8.
To help people overcome this radiation and love a longer life is my desire.
I have much more evidence which I can prove in a face to face demonstration.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,

John O’Rourke.
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

By John O'Rourke on 2014 06 24 - 11:30:39
From the entry 'Radiation expert Don Maisch on the health risks of smart meters'.

Sorry if I seem a bit manic. but after having my facebook account closed for 2 months due to gay censor stalkers, i make my first comment about Hereward Fenton’s SHOW ABOUT MY OWN BROTHERS DEATH - TASMAN MCKEE - see here: “Also in today’s show we review the work of the late Michael Ruppert, and we take a look at Peak Oil theory. Amid speculation that Ruppert took his own life, we examine what has been called the “death cult” of Peak Oil. My guest for the second hour is Geoff McKee, whose son tragically committed suicide after reading Michael Ruppert’s book Crossing the Rubicon, which combined Peak Oil theory with questions about 9/11.” It was my QUOTE “death cult” but he didn’t give me credit or even tell me he was doing a show about my own brothers death that I didn’t approve of…. Then the faggot censor then invites more faggot censors into this thread to get Queers to press the report button to stop a family member of the deceased talking about a “tragic death” that Truthnews covered. Are you kidding me? Everyone here sees what scum you and your gay censor mates are. Time to make my facebook private again to stop tke fag censor stalkers that Hereward has critisied OFF THE RECORD ages ago.

Exploring the mystery of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370
In today’s show we engage in unbridled speculation about the mystery of flight MH370 with guests Damon Crowe and Geoff McKee.
6 hrs · Like · Remove Preview

Hereward Fenton Luke, you are more than just a bit manic. You are sick. I recommend you look for a caring psychiatrist. Please stop spamming and trolling or you will be blocked.
4 hrs · Like

Luke McKee You did a show about MY DEAD BROTHER WITHOUT TELLING ME. WHAT KIND OF PRICK ARE YOU? Have you not seen the video? You put a man on who took the side of a convicted GAY CHILD RAPING PEDOPHILE over his own son. And the shocking thing it’s not the first time if you extract the word gay from that sentance. Look at the EVIDENCE. THE MAINSTREAM NEWSPAPERS ARE WORKNIG ON AN ARTICLE ABOUT CHRISTOPHER KENT BOWERSOX’S pension, the gay child raping pedophile who nearly murdered me in the US. All these years he blamed me. He broke up my first marriage if you see this video. You had on SOME BASTARD who pushed all this as you said “DEATH CULT” crap on my brother to USE MY BROTHERS DEATH just to get his airtime on Truth news. YOU MAKE ME SICK! And I bet you will delete this Hereward Fenton. You come to my country, to freeload of me and use me as your personal taxi driver, then all I get is rudeness and complaints. Watch the video. SEE THE EVIDENCE! SEE THE FACTS. SEE THE GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS. SEE THE PROOF That GAY CHILD RAPING PEDOPHILE Chris Bowersox screwed me over and took my first born from me. And my father and the Australian embassy (Majell Hind - NOW BALI Consulate! oh tell that to your corby fans) was involved! And you had the man who blamed me for not following the police officer’s order to place my hands out of his line of site (near a glovebox) so he could shoot me dead. The same sick gay pedophile who my research shows he gets his jollies watching Russian Soldiers having their heads cut off. No every word is FACT and Truth. See the 45 min video presentation and that’s the first. THIS IS MY FIRST COMMENT ON YOUR SHOW ABOUT MY DEAD BROTHER AND YOU CALL IT SPAMMING? I SEE YOUR GAY TROLLS RUN THE SHOW. My first gut feelings were right, and if you are going to be shits I’ll post my father’s messages to me earlier saying he’s not sure if you are straight or not. That will be funny so don’t test me. You censor my complaint against you making a whole show out of one of my comments that I NEVER INDENDED FOR IT TO BE SO - BEHIND MY BACK - WITHOUT TELLING ME ABOUT MY OWN DEAD BROTHER - WELL FUCK YOU MATE! I bet you are such a coward You’ll censor this. Don’t worry I made a screenshot so don’t test me… MY FIRST EVER COMMENT EVER ABOUT YOUR SHOW ABOUT MY DEAD BROTHER THAT I COULDN’T MAKE EARLIER DUE TO AUSTRALIAN GAY CENSORS LIKE Chris Sooty Mansurge your gay marriage CAAH.ORG.AU rally buddy, and when I do make my first comment - THESE QUEERS TRY AND CENSOR IT BY REPORTING TO FACEBOOK. AM I not allowed to dissent against you MESSING WITH THE TRUE LEGACY OF MY DEAD BROTHER? You have to think about what nutter peddled all his ASPO peak oil shit onto my dead brother - And I was the guy saying Alex Jones said PEAK OIL was a NWO construct and it’s all lies. If my father’s theory about my brother’s death is true - THEN HE IS THE MAIN CULPRIT FOR HIS DEATH FOR PUTTING ALL THAT READING MATERIAL AND VIDEOS IN FRONT OF A YOUNG IMPRESSIONABLE BOY. Hereward fuck you forever. After you had my father on your show for that disgusting show you have broken up a family - just like my father did in the USA when he took the side of that gay child raping fag cop. I hope you are proud of yourself. - watch the mainstream news about this appear soon in the Bakersfield Californian. At least their editorial isn’t controlled by a bunch of queers You are everything that is wrong with Alternative Media. I know who I’m throwing my lot in with now….. And no it isn’t mainstream.

By Geoff's ASPO peak all shit killed my brother on 2014 06 22 - 00:21:26
From the entry 'Exploring the mystery of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370'.

So for monetary reasons you need to censor it. Ok. Well I just explained certain protected individuals like gary burns are allowed to send death threats with impunity (and i posted pictures of it). I won’t type up the whole “hate speech” again because it’s “hate speech” to campaign for “gay equality” and making gays equal by law, in a better world where they don’t have impunity to THREATEN TO KILL like this guy Garry.

Now can you see the injustice when Brendan gets jailed for a trip to a supermarket with a video camera and gays are allowed to threan to kill people by name every day? Why are @gaysabovethelaw? (twitter plug)

The gays do much worse, gang stalking and death threats but they do it with impunity by Australian gay Apartheid law made by the homo bigoted fascist government.
Baah, I’ll just post the picture and a youtube video link and be done with it.

@garyburnsblog licensed to threaten to kill because he does homo sex.
Exemption for gays to threaten to kill

Exemption admitted to on NSW Anti-Discrimination Board website’s exemptions page. Quote:
“This is because it is not against the law to discriminate against people who are not [WHITE OR] homosexual – it is only against the law to discriminate against people who are [WHITE OR] homosexual.”

This is why they say in recorded phone conversations it’s legal to put up a sign “NO DIRTY BREEDERS / HETROSEXUALS MAY ENTER THIS GAYDADS PLAYPEN PRE[TEENS X]SCHOOL” out of the front of a gay owned childcare centre. But of course you can’t stop @gaydads using a hetrosexual child care, because of course there is one law for them and another law for us. Gays don’t want to be equal - because if they didn’t they wouldn’t have the mandate that only homosexual NSW GLLO Gay police can be officers in charge of investigating hetros.


And Here’s Clover Moore’s staffer Gary Burns first contact with me EVER when he began his GANG Stalking to protect a mainstream media confirmed gay loving corrupt police officer (Google Operation Mascot, Prospect or Emblems or the “police bugging” affair in NSW of Journalists, just like you hereward. No wonder NSW Police run their neighbourhood snitch program on facebook.

By New User to Fight censorship on 2014 06 21 - 16:51:29
From the entry 'Meet Brendon O'Connell, Australia's first political prisoner'.

Luke please read this message.

You need to stop making posts which contain obscene language. Google flags this as pornography and will block my ads if it continues. This has happened several times before.

Thank you for your assistance.

By Hereward Fenton on 2014 06 21 - 16:27:47
From the entry 'Meet Brendon O'Connell, Australia's first political prisoner'.

Luke McKee, wrong topic. Stop spamming. Go join prisonplanet forum and spam there.

By sore ears on 2014 06 18 - 19:48:17
From the entry 'Meet Brendon O'Connell, Australia's first political prisoner'.

Former Australian foreign minister Robert John (Bob) Carr in his latest book, ‘Diary of a Foreign Minister’ has claimed that Australia is a Australia is a Jewish occupied nation.

Earlier this month, under pressure from the powerful Australian Jewish Lobby, Australian government of Tony Abbott banned Britain’s controversial Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson from entering the country.

By Rehmat on 2014 06 17 - 11:57:20
From the entry 'Meet Brendon O'Connell, Australia's first political prisoner'.

The first person to be tried and convicted for thought crimes against the Australian Jewery who was fighting for Brendon O’Connonel for years is Fredrick Toben. http://Toben.BIZ He’s suing the Australian right now for calling him a neo-nazi.

He was the first to be jailed under the national version of these laws. I feel for him because I’m accused of the crime of knowing a secret [redacted] gay police officer does what she does best. If you are a victim of a hate crime (or complain against hate crimes committed by jews in Palestine) and you know you it, you can be accused of the crime of knowing it. Because to know a secret gay cop is gay means you have “obtained personal information on [secret gay] law enforcement - 60c NSW Crimes Act.

The jews must be envious of the extreme power the gays have to jail anyone for knowing what they are, if they have the additional power of carrying a gun in a country where pretty much no patriots have them left.

Gay Rights Activist and Senator Lee Rhiannon at the laws inception (Police and Other Law Enforcement Officers Bill NSW) predicted only corrupt NSW Police would use 60C NSW Crimes Act, and of course opposed the law and attempted to amend it. She was right! Only gay police rose to her expectations as what makes a corrupt officer.

If you say that! you Get 5 years jail for hate speech too. Remember gays are devise beings that can do no wrong. That’s why they are exempt from the NSW Anti-Discrimination act to have the power to do lawful hate crimes or even operate “NO HETROS ALLOWED” preschools. Proof of their claims of the later (their own audio) will be published on my youtube channel. Oh it’s a crime to record them being bigots, under the telecommunication acts, because of course divine homosexuals can do no wrong!

And if all that isn’t bad. Speaking of NAZI’s.. NSW Police GLLO Gay sex sect units wear the NAZI SS designed badge with pride. The swastika is only borrowed from Buddism. The Pink triangle is as original Waffen SS as you can get. What do you call people who wear NAZI symbolism with pride? Nazi’s. It isn’t a hate crime to call a spade a spade now is it? SCREW THE HOMO NAZIS!

Ooops lets see if hereward doesn’t publish this or deletes it because of course Gays are better than Jews. We shall see. You are not allowed to protest against the very laws this show is about if who you are protesting against is a protected minority - the most protected. So elite they an even sue god themselves and force a church to do a gay marriage - either that or pay the gay!

(You might want to see the most recent video on my youtube channel (on my name) if you don’t know who I am)

By Luke McKee on 2014 06 15 - 22:12:06
From the entry 'Meet Brendon O'Connell, Australia's first political prisoner'.